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‘GetToWork’, ride-hailing app by MoveInSync now operational across Bangalore

The end-to-end office commute service will now be available in all tech parks as well as key commercial areas in Koramangala, HSR and Indiranagar

Transforming corporate mobility in India, MoveInSync, India’s largest office commute platform today announced the extension of its ride-hailing service GetToWork to tech parks across the city as well as key commercial areas in Koramangala, HSR Layout and Indiranagar. With this ride-hailing app, MoveInSync is addressing the need for reliable and safe commute for office-goers who do not have company-arranged transport. ‘GetToWork’ aims to transform daily office commute into a simple, reliable and hassle-free affair by removing the daily anxieties of ride scheduling, surge-pricing and cancellations.

The app-based service utilises a subscription model wherein employees can sign up on the platform and avail pre-paid packages as per their need.  Users can schedule rides on the GetToWork app much ahead in time and be assured of guaranteed cab availability. The service does not follow surge-pricing, and at a charge of Rs.12 per km, the pricing of GetToWork is lower than that of commuting in an auto. Taking into account the need for round the clock assistance for all riders, there is a real-time, dedicated helpdesk that riders can call to have their issues addressed.

To ensure that riders have a safe and convenient commuting experience, MoveInSync has built a real-time operations dashboard to monitor and stay connected with all the drivers on duty. This is supported by automatic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) calls which are made to the driver in case of issues and to ensure that the trips start on time. There is also a security dashboard in place, where the security command centre monitors all cabs in real-time and intelligently identifies any risk such as unscheduled stoppage or overspeeding. GetToWork also supports number masking and call recordings for all calls between drivers, the helpdesk and riders, ensuring auditability and quality control of all conversations.

Commenting on the announcement, Deepesh Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO, MoveInSync said, “We have over ten years of experience in building technology and operations solutions for the efficient management of employee commute through our corporate offerings. Our ride sharing algorithms are helping over 3 lakh employees commute to their office every day. By launching the Bengaluru-wide operations of GetToWork, we are taking an important step towards our goal of solving the office commute problem for all office-goers.”

The pilot launch of GetToWork took place in March 2019, to provide employees travelling to tech parks an end-to-end commute service. The popularity of the service among customers, especially women who continued to use the service due to its advantages of safety and reliability, encouraged MoveInSync to introduce operations in tech parks across the city. The service already clocks an average of 1000 rides per day and has on-boarded over 1000 active users who work at Adobe, Oracle, Flipkart, Swiggy and other offices operating out of Embassy Tech Village, Prestige Tech Park, and Cessna Business Centre.

Commenting on the announcement, Akash Maheshwari, Co-founder and CTO, MoveInSync, said, “We have followed an experimentation-based approach to ensure seamless user-experience on the GetToWork app. We have identified user behaviour, in terms of how riders book and track rides, and what kind of subscriptions are best fit. We use our time-proven algorithms to club riders in routes which ensures minimum travel time with minimum detours. We are improving on these algorithms and using machine learning to dissect the data which will help us in providing the best services to our users.”

Besides the health risks arising from vehicle emissions, urban congestion leads to an increase in travel time and loss of productivity for employees. In a study conducted by MoveInSync, it was found that Indians spend 7% of their day in commute. Additionally, three in four Indian employees believe that commute time is an important criterion while taking up a new job, according to a report by global recruitment specialist Michael Page. MoveInSync, with its patented routing technology, security features and affordable pricing options, expects a reduction in traffic congestion as well as travel time arising from the growing adoption of GetToWork. The company is also working on expanding the service to other cities, with the launch in Hyderabad expected to take place in September this year, followed by Delhi NCR and Chennai.

About MoveInSync:

MoveInSync has created the market for employee transportation automation and has emerged as the largest office commute platform in the country.  It was the first company to be incubated by the Indian School of Business and to be rated in 2018 among the top-100 fastest-growing company in Asia Pacific by Financial Times. Headquartered in Bangalore, MoveInSync today services more than 125 marquee clients including 35 Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Adobe across 24 cities in India, South Africa, and Sri Lanka.

MoveInSync is also an end-to-end transport management partner, offering a range of full-line solutions for businesses under MoveInSync Total. This offers businesses complete management of transportation under a centralized system. With MoveInSync, it becomes mandatory for every cab and driver to follow strict compliance of systems and routes. The patented algorithms optimize vehicle utilization and routing for the cabs or buses which have contributed to an average of 15% – 20% savings of client’s employee transportation cost (which is the 3rd biggest cost center after employees’ salaries and office rent), higher employee satisfaction and improved safety and compliance. MoveInSync strives to reduce carbon footprint by taking 3 vehicles off the road for every trip that it makes. With the use of technology, the company has considerably reduced the use of paper that IT companies use to manage employee transportation. .

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