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Glance Active User Base in India Reaches All-time High of 189 Million in Q2 2022

  • 6 million active users were added to Glance’s lockscreen platform in Q2 2022.
  • Glance launched the Hyperlive content format to boost engagement.
  • Glance’s partnership with realme continued to drive growth in the active user base.

Leading lockscreen platform Glance’s active user base in India grew to its all-time high in Q2 2022 to reach 189 million, according to Counterpoint Research’s Quarterly Mobile Application Tracker. The platform witnessed a user base growth of 25% YoY during the quarter, adding 38.5 million users. Compared to the previous quarter, 6 million new users were added. The growth was driven largely by partnerships with smartphone manufacturers, as well as new content formats aimed at driving user engagement.

Glance provides content to Android-based smartphone users on their lockscreens. With the first screen touch, users have the latest updates based on their preferred genre and language. The lockscreen platform provides personalized content via video stories, live-streaming and other modes. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand consumers’ preferences. The content on Glance’s lockscreen platform is available in multiple languages and covers categories like current affairs, entertainment, technology, sports, fashion and travel.

Glance launched Hyperlive content on its platform during the quarter. Hyperlive is a live format that enables users to enjoy two-way interaction with some of their favorite celebrities or creators. Hyperlive holds the potential to further boost active engagement in the coming quarters.

Glance Active User Base, Q2 2021-Q2 2022 (in millions)

Source: Counterpoint Research Quarterly Mobile Application Tracker, Q2 2022

Commenting on Glance’s lockscreen growth, Research Analyst Arushi Chawla said, “The partnership with realme, which is the third-largest smartphone brand in India, continued to drive growth in the Glance active user base in Q2 2022. Glance has become a benchmark for lockscreen innovation for Android phone users. Major OTT platforms such as Netflix, Sony Music and Warner Music have also been utilizing the Glance lockscreen platform to connect with audiences for new movies, shows, and music releases.”

In Q2 2022, Glance hosted Glance Live Fest, a live interactive festival on the smartphone lockscreen. In addition, considering the popularity of cricket among the Indian population, Glance’s lockscreen platform has provided the fans with an all-new way to watch and interact with some of their favorite IPL teams. For Bollywood fans, Glance’s lockscreen platform often schedules live sessions with stars like Rajkumar Rao, Kareena Kapoor, and Rana Daggubati. Glance has also expanded to the smart TV segment by announcing the launch of the Glance TV platform. Glance TV will be a live interactive content platform available on Android smart TV home screens.

Chawla added, “Glance’s lockscreen platform is present across different genres and local languages, and has tied up with top Android smartphone brands. It is now expanding its horizons by launching Glance TV. Besides, Glance is also expanding and strengthening its geographical footprint. Along with India, Glance is growing its presence in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, while plans are being firmed up for high-potential markets like the US and Latin America.”


Glance’s mobile application presence is calculated from our panel database of over a million smartphone active users. Model-level Glance penetration data and active user ratios were extrapolated to our monthly smartphone installed base data using various parameters such as brand, model and price band to predict Glance’s active user base. We expect the results to have a statistical precision of +/- 5% at the confidence interval of 90%.

This is a sponsored survey to better understand the brand’s presence in the Indian smartphone market. 

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