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Global Experts Discuss Quantum Computing and Sustainability in a New Documentary

Quantum Computer
From national security to medicine, from communications to finance, the potential for quantum technology to change the world is unprecedented. Yet, in a new documentary being released later this month – Quantum Technology | Our Sustainable Future from The Quantum Daily – and developed in partnership with Oxford Instruments Nanoscience – quantum technology leaders say sustainability should be a major focus of the industry as it develops.
The trailer for Quantum Technology | Our Sustainable Future is available here. The world premiere of the documentary will be unveiled on YouTube on July 29.
The new documentary features insights from leading quantum computing experts and tech giants such as Google, IBM and Intel as well as start-ups such as PsiQuantum to discuss key sustainability topics, including how quantum technologies could reduce the energy required for complex computations even as demand continues to rise. The documentary also looks at the challenge of minimizing quantum computing’s own potential environmental impact whilst ensuring the development of applications to address global sustainability issues is prioritized.
“Our team is driving important conversations in the global quantum technology industry, ranging from ethics to commercialization,” said Alex Challans, CEO of The Quantum Daily. “The documentary highlights that the environment and sustainability are important issues for the industry’s leading pioneers as they look to build out their roadmaps, and that these new technologies are seen as a potential force for positive change.”
Quantum computers use quantum phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to perform computations that can vastly outperform classical computers at certain tasks. The list of those tasks that quantum computers can do may lead to solutions for humankind’s most pressing challenges. Nonetheless, there continues to be significant obstacles to overcome before these machines are powerful enough to meet their expected potential.
“We have one planet, and these conversations must happen now,” said Stuart Woods, Managing Director of Oxford Instruments NanoScience, a leading provider of high technology material science tools and systems for research and industry. “The broad participation of industry thought leaders in this film shows the support and the importance of prioritizing sustainability in emerging technologies.”
The documentary features an impressive list of quantum computing pioneers and scientific business leaders, including: ·
  • Alan Ho: Head of Product, Google Quantum AI
  • Alexandre Blais: Advisory Board, Q4Climate
  • Carl Williams: Deputy Director, Physical Measurement Laboratory at NIST
  • Flaviu Cipcigan: Research Staff Member, IBM Research
  • Ilana Wisby: CEO, Oxford Quantum Circuits
  • Jingen Xiang: CEO, SpinQ
  • John Levy: CEO, SeeQC
  • Nicolas Sawaya: Research Scientist, Intel Labs
  • Pete Shadbolt: CSO, PsiQuantum
  • Richard Murray: CEO, ORCA computing
  • Stuart Woods: Managing Director, Oxford Instruments NanoScience
  • Tamar Eilam: IBM fellow, IBM’s Thomas J Watson Research Centre
  • Zhang Hui: General Manager, Origin Quantum
The documentary seeks to expand on The Quantum Daily’s first documentary-short – Quantum Ethics | A Call to Action that was aimed at raising awareness and generating discussion about the ethical decisions that face society in the quantum era.

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