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Globus Infocom’s Dazzling Product Exhibition at Infocomm India 2023

Cutting-Edge Technology Unveiled

National 31st, Oct, 2023: Globus Infocom Ltd., a leader in delivering cutting-edge educational technology solutions, participated in Infocom India 2023, a highly successful event held from October 25th to 27th in Mumbai. This remarkable event brought together a diverse audience, including educators, strategic partners, and industry experts, serving as a platform for in-depth discussions and sharing insights into the latest innovations in the realm of technology.

Through this platform, Globus Infocom Ltd.  showcased their cutting-edge products and services, such as Digital Classroom solutions, Virtual Classroom solutions, Video Conferencing solutions, LED walls, Professional Displays, and an all-in-one 138-inch Interactive Display with seamless interactivity.  At this event, an impressive number of participants actively explored and interacted with a diverse array of futuristic products.


The key highlight of the event were Globus Infocom newly launched:


All-In-One Interactive Display: Their new display solution boasts a breathtaking 4K display, vibrant colours, built-in sound system and other features, making it the perfect audio-visual solution for a multitude of applications, from dynamic boardroom presentations to captivating advertising displays.


Paperless Video Conferencing Solution: With a novel approach to video conferencing, this innovative solution promises a more collaborative and eco-friendly experience, reshaping the way people connect and communicate.


New App Launch “ContentShaala”: The event also showcased various technological interventions like ContentShaala, LMS Shaala, Bhasha-Learnia, and Mobile Device Manager. These advancements are geared towards enhancing the educational experience and streamlining device management.


Speaking on this occasion, Ms. Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom, stated, “The overwhelming response to our most recent new product launch at Infocomm India 2023 has me delighted. This event highlighted our dedication to offering the most advanced solutions, which is in line with our belief in pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our commitment to transforming how we connect, learn, and communicate is displayed by the variety of cutting-edge products we offer. As we keep pushing the boundaries of technology and education, we are appreciative of the excitement and support of our partners and customers.”


The event provided a platform for networking and collaboration, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded professionals and discuss future educational endeavors.


About Globus Infocom Ltd.:


A leading and trusted Make in India brand established in 2001 with a sole vision of “Making Education accessible to all” via technology. Globus Infocom has been developing technological solutions penetrating every stratum of society. An industry pioneer for the past 22 years, the company has successfully fortified its presence in the technology industry specifically Education. Globus has developed a plethora of offerings like Digital Learning Solutions, Virtual Classroom Solutions, Digital Language Lab Solutions, Smart Security & Surveillance Solutions, Professional Displays & Video Conferencing Solutions, and ergonomically designed Institutional as well as official furniture Solutions, offering unlimited possibilities of growth, trust, and opportunities for partners, customers & team members.

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