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HeyHey partners with The Olive Group to foray into the Metaverse

HeyHey, online platform powering experiential engagement between celebs, influencers and creators’ partners as a technology partner with AD Singh’s Olive group of restaurants to foray into the metaverse.

The Olive Group has always been distinguished by its ability to identify industry firsts and introduce new and exciting concepts to its guests. Now, the Group is looking towards the future and taking a bold step – into the metaverse.

Already booming in the United States and the United Kingdom amongst other countries, the blockchain phenomenon could very well revolutionize the restaurant industry, and be a

force for positive change.

Arguably one of the first Indian restaurant groups to offer NFTs, The Olive Group’s foray into the metaverse will offer one-of-a-kind physical and virtual experiences to its guests.As the technology partner, HeyHey will serve as a marketplace for The Olive Group to list its digital assets. With these listed properties, customers will be able to get to know the brand up close & personal! They can also buy, trade, earn; essentially monetize from the exclusive fanverse experience.

Says AD Singh, “Since we launched The Olive Group over 20 years ago, we’ve been fortunate to have always had our finger on the pulse of what our customers want and like. We’ve introduced many industry ‘firsts,’ and now, we’re excited to see what our integration into the metaverse means, both for our customers and for us as a Group. We look forward to welcoming you all to the Oliverse.”

Commenting on the collab, Caleb Franklin- Founder & CEO – HeyHey said, “While the NFT industry is rapidly growing, it has also opened a gateway to fan verses and new forms of iinteractions between businesses and consumers. The Olive Group’s collaboration with HeyHey for its foray into the metaverse is a testament to how organizations are seeking newer ways to empower their consumer bases with personalized experiences via new-age tech like Web3. And we couldn’t have been happier to facilitate the same for The Olive Group and its customers.”

HeyHey recently launched Sunny Leone’s latest NFT collection as the technology partner on the project, using their proprietary minting engine & NFT tools. HeyHey uses its innovative tech solutions to connect fans with over 2500 artists on its robust roster, ranging from famous Indian names such as Govinda, Amish Tripathi, Sharman Joshi & Evelyn Sharma to leading Hollywood stars such as Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Mariah Carey.

The NFT Gallery Showcase

To launch the group’s foray into the metaverse, AD Singh in association with HeyHey will host a one-of-its-kind event on May 22, where Olive will turn into a digital playground. Well-known personalities like actor Rahul Bose & Sunny Leone, designers JJ Valaya and Narendra Kumar, and creative director Kshitij Kankaria along with other professional NFT artists will unveil digital creations.

In signature Olive style, the NFT gallery will bring NFT art – which has so far been limited to the digital world – into our physical world. Collaborating with traditional creators as well as the new wave of digital web3 creators, the NFT gallery is an art exhibit firmly belonging in 2022, which showcases this new art form taking the world by storm in association. Well known artist from the creation industry like Amrita Pal, Aaron Pinto, Kashish Arora and Santanu Hazarika will also be the part of the event and exhibit their creation.

About The Olive Group

Olive, the first white walled restaurant opened by restaurateur couple AD and Sabina Singh, nestled into what was then Bombay in November 2000. A rustic hideaway, Olive became the place where good food, drink, conversation and laughter flowed.

The Olive Group has grown! Olive Qutub, Olive Beach, Olive Bistro and Bar, Soda Bottle Opener Wala, Guppy and the Poke Bar, Hello Guppy, The Fatty Bao, Monkey Bar, Toast & Tonic, Olive Goa, The Grammar Room, Serai, Ek Bar, The Hoppery, Olly, Giggle Water, Olive Bandra and our newest little member, Bottlenekk.

About HeyHey

HeyHey is a leading-edge online platform that facilitates new forms of experiential engagement between fans and global celebrities, creators, and influencers by utilising new-age tech like Web3, blockchain, and NFTs to create digital products that are ahead of the curve. The platform also acts as a gateway through which fans can discover and directly interact with their favourite stars while empowering celebrities to develop memorable bespoke experiences for their fanverse through personalised video messages and shoutouts.

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