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Indian Employers Confident AI will Fuel Job Growth, Reveals Indeed

The latest findings from a global survey by Indeed, a leading global matching and hiring platform, revealed insights around the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work. The findings shed light on the evolving relationship between employers, jobseekers and AI, offering insights into their expectations, concerns as well as how AI is currently being used in recruitment.

According to the survey, Indian employers are optimistic about the role of AI with over 85% expecting AI to create new jobs in 1-5 years. A majority of jobseekers (63%) are also excited about the potential impact, with 53% agreeing AI is likely to create more jobs. This optimism from jobseekers stems from the belief that AI is likely to:

  • Make work more productive and manageable (86%)
  • Help jobseekers acquire new skills or improve skills (85%)
  • Enable jobseekers to focus on more complex, important tasks (47%)
  • Help in getting hired for skills and potential rather than just experience (43%)

Employers also believe that AI could improve the nature of employees’ tasks (85%) and improve job security and opportunities for career development for their employees (77%).

Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India said, “This new survey brings encouraging news that jobseekers are not only aware of the promise of AI but are also excited about its potential. It demonstrates that job seekers are ready to embrace AI as a force for positive change in their careers. However, employers must work together to devise frameworks that allow the effective use of  in order to facilitate technological advancement.”


While Indian jobseekers are embracing the potential benefits of AI systems and tools, they also have concerns. Key worries include the need for reskilling or upskilling (43%), potential job losses in their industry or profession (29%), and ethical considerations (20%). Additionally, they express apprehensions about negative impacts on their work wellbeing (17%) and the possibility of bias (15%).


Sentiment analysis of AI adoption across sectors


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How AI can transform the recruitment landscape

The survey also sheds light on how AI can revamp India’s recruitment landscape and what employers and jobseekers think would be the impact on the job search process. 90% of HR/talent acquisition leaders think AI systems and tools will make their job easier and 86% believe that AI can improve the hiring and candidate experience. 81% also are optimistic that AI systems and tools will allow them to focus on the more ‘human’ aspects of their job.

A large majority of jobseekers (78%) think the development of AI systems and tools will improve the hiring and candidate experience. However, over half (50%) of jobseekers surveyed are concerned about AI replacing human judgment and intuition in hiring decisions. To have a fair and unbiased job search process, jobseekers would like employers to continue to ensure there is still a human approach/monitoring (48%), and that data used for AI systems and tools is representative of minority groups (41%).


How India stands against global counterparts

Respondents in India are by far the most bullish on AI, with 98% of HR professionals and 91% of job seekers saying they’re currently using AI tools for work. In comparison, more than one-third (35%) of HR professionals and over half (53%) of job seekers in Japan say they aren’t using AI tools professionally at all. The case is almost the opposite in France, where 30% of job seekers and 25% of HR professionals say they are fearful of the technology.

Other strong adopters of AI are the US and Canada used by 92% of HR professionals and the UK (88%). However these countries see some resistance from jobseekers with 41% of jobseekers in the UK, 30% in the US, and 42% in Canada stating that they do not use AI currently at all.



This survey was conducted by Censuswide globally on behalf of Indeed amongst 7275 employers and employees across seven markets. 1142 employers and jobseekers were surveyed in India.


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