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Infopercept launches integrated cybersecurity platform Invinsense

The global MSSP has collaborated with leading open-source cybersecurity communities for the unique product.

Globally  Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Infopercept Consulting today announced the launch of Invinsense, an integrated cybersecurity platform that combines the offensive and defensive strategies to offer cybersecurity strategy, services, and solutions.

Infopercept has consolidated various open source cybersecurity technologies and also jointly partnered with a few of them like Wazuh, Elasticsearch, ElastAlert, Shuffle, The Hive, Cortex, MISP, Dejavu, and Infection Monkey, for developing the integrated cybersecurity platform – Invinsense, which combines various cybersecurity solutions.

 “Cybercriminals have converted the digital world into a warfare, and this is one war where they are lightyears ahead of those responsible for cybersecurity. We believe the current approach to cybersecurity lacks the attacker’s sense. With Invinsense, we are providing a comprehensive integrated platform that combines cybersecurity solutions, services and strategy by actionable intelligence from understanding an attacker’s sense to provide invincible protection against cybercriminals,” said Jaydeep Ruparelia, Director , Co-founder & CEO , Infopercept Consulting.

Invinsense integrates key areas that share the threat intelligence with each other, and act as a unit instead of non-related silos. Some of the areas integrated within the platform include:

  SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) – This is where log retention and analysis, correlation, alerts etc. are managed.

 SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) – This is the heart of the platform where the intelligence to take the corrective actions, automation of run books, alert generation, trigger for incident management etc. take place.

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) – This monitors the endpoints on a real-time basis to detect any response to any incidents, and is a vital link of the overall process.

Incident Management– The trigger to the incident management process where incidents are detected, analyzed and responded comes from SOAR engine. The actions in terms of response follow the run book and are logged and tracked with the ticketing tool. It also involves the security team.

 Threat Intelligence – This is what really helps the SOAR to make informed decisions in case of an incident. Threat intelligence feeds from various sources are analyzed and contextualized by the automation engine to arrive at the incident response.

Deception Technologies– These are real offensive techniques used to lure the attackers to commit mistakes and detect them as they enter the network.

 Breach & Attack Simulation – The approach is to simulate various breach scenarios on an ongoing basis, thereby evaluating the control gaps within the environment and remediating those real-time.

Addressing the launch, Preethkaran J , Director of New Initiatives and Strategy said “Normally cybersecurity solutions are designed to counter techniques of cyberattackers. This is not a fool proof solution as attackers can adapt to the situation and change their techniques accordingly. However, the tactics they will follow to launch any kind of attack will remain the same. Invinsense is designed to stop the attack chain that is based on the tactics of an attacker,”.

As the saying goes  “ Tactics win battles, strategy win wars”, Infopercept  have developed senses and strategies such as ODS(Offensive defensive strategy against all odds), OODA(Observe Orient Decide adapt), RBAS(Red team+ Breach attack simulation) and GSOS.

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