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ITI Limited Forges Partnerships with Lekha Wireless, Niral Networks, and InstaICT Solution to Propel 5G Technology Adoption in India

ITI Limited, country’s first PSU post-independence and premier telecom manufacturing company has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU)s with Lekha Wireless, Niral Networks, and InstaICT Solution Private Limited to create and manage entire Private 5G ecosystem for an enterprise, i.e. plan, design, deploy, implement and manage.

ITI Limited has formalized a strategic collaboration with Lekha Wireless, Niral Networks, and InstaICT Solution aimed at driving the adoption of 5G technology in India. The Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs), signed on February 15, 2024, signifies the beginning of a significant partnership between these niche entities in the telecommunications sector.

Under the terms of the MoUs, ITI Limited will collaborate with Lekha Wireless, Niral Networks, and InstaICT Solution on implementing 5G Private (Captive & Non-Captive) Network Solutions within ITI Limited. This collaboration underscores the commitment of the organizations to leverage advanced technology for the enhancement of telecommunications infrastructure in India.

ITI Limited, a distinguished Indian public sector undertaking specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of telecommunications products, stands to benefit from offerings provided by these three enterprises as it addresses the evolving market demands. Niral Networks, renowned for its expertise in Private 5G Products and Edge Solutions, including NiralOS 5G Core, Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC), and SDN Controller, brings a wealth of innovative solutions to the partnership. Niral Networks’ Solutions coupled with its comprehensive range of end-to-end Private 5G and Edge solutions, led to its empanelment as ITI Limited’s technology partner for 5G implementation. Lekha Wireless Solutions, founded in 2010, is a deep tech company headquartered in Bengaluru, is a founding member of TSDSI, Indian DSO, VOICE and Bharat 6G Alliance. Lekha Wireless is a leading company for Radio Access Networking products powered by the indigenous 5G and 4G technology. And Insta ICT is leading company which offers end-to-end solution for private LTE/5G network, including network planning, deployment, testing and managed services.


The collaboration between ITI Limited and the three enterprises is aimed for the implementation of 5G Private Network Solutions. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Rajesh Rai, Chairman and Managing Director, ITI Limited, said, – “We are committed to harnessing the potential of Private 5G technology stack in India. The MoUs represents a significant milestone in fostering innovation and driving digital transformation across various sectors powered by 5G Technology. ITI Limited wants to play a significant role in India’s journey of adopting telecom technologies like 5G and seize the opportunities it throws up.”

Mr. Abhijit Chaudhary, Director & CEO, Niral Networks said, – “We are delighted to partner with ITI Limited. As the partnership unfolds, we look forward to leveraging our collective expertise to seize emerging business opportunities in 5G technologies and play our part in accelerating India’s journey towards digital empowerment.”

Mr. Ramu T.S., Founder & Director, Lekha Wireless Solution said – “We are delighted to enter into an MoU with ITI Limited. This is an important agreement that enables Lekha to commercialize our 5G RAN product in addressing rapidly growing private 5G network demand in government sector. We look forward for this consortium based 5G Network solution led by ITI Ltd to accelerates rolling out of Captive Non-Public Network (CNPN)  or Private 5G Network in the country.” 

Mr. Yeshwant Shinde, CEO, Insta ICT Solutions said – “We are excited to partner with ITI Limited to accelerate adoption of Private 5G by industries in India. Our domain expertise and plan-to-manage capabilities of wireless networks combined with ITI Limited’s strong standing and proven credentials will deliver superior Private 5G network to various industries. Our partnership is mutually beneficial and will deliver customizable and scalable solution to mining, airports, power utilities and manufacturing industries.”


About ITI Limited

ITI Limited, country’s premier telecom company and multi-unit central public sector undertaking, is a total solutions provider in telecommunications segment. The company has state-of-art manufacturing facilities in six locations (Bengaluru, Naini, Raebareli, Mankapur, Srinagar and Palakkad) along with an in-house R&D centre in Bengaluru and marketing, sales & projects (MSP) offices spread across the country.


The company offers complete range of telecom products covering the whole spectrum of switching, transmission, and access & subscriber premises equipment. Besides offering the latest telecom solutions and customized support to a variety of business, ITI Ltd has dedicated Network System Unit (NSU) for carrying out installation and commissioning of equipment and for undertaking turnkey projects. ITI Ltd is focused on manufacturing of diversified products in defense and railway sectors and the manufacturing of solar equipment, NGN products, GPON, LED lighting systems, optical products,  along with other allied products like HDPE, OFC, , smart cards, encryptors for defense , Wi-Fi etc. The company is also consolidating more of its diversifications into defense, IOT, E-governance, IT projects and services sector to gain competitive edge. The company is also successfully running state-of-art Data Centre at Bengaluru unit and offering its services to government institutions/departments, banks etc. To know more, please visit

About Niral Networks

Niral Networks offers a comprehensive suite of industry specific solutions designed for business enterprises to seamlessly deploy high-performance private 5G networks and harness the full potential of the digital technologies for maximizing the operational effectiveness of the enterprises. Niral networks created a modular operating system NiralOS™ based on the software-defined networking capabilities to simplify the provisioning of multi-site multi-application network. It can operate efficiently on commodity hardware while seamlessly integrating with the third-party radio systems, backhaul systems and edge applications. To know more, please visit:

About Lekha


Lekha Wireless Solutions, founded in 2010, is a deep tech company headquartered in Bengaluru, and is a founding member of TSDSI, Indian DSO, VOICE and Bharat 6G Alliance. Lekha Wireless is a leading company for Radio Access Networking products powered by the indigenous 5G and 4G technologies. It offers SDR based wireless connectivity solutions, catering to a wide range of industries, including Telecom, Industrial, Mission Critical, and Tactical applications. By providing comprehensive radio solutions, Lekha Wireless empowers its clients with reliable and efficient wireless connectivity for their specific needs. To know more, please visit:

About Insta ICT Solutions

Insta ICT Solutions offers Telecom Network services, namely network planning & design, deployment of telecom equipments, testing and performance management, network consulting for cost optimization & productivity improvement and managed services. It also offers end to end solution for private LTE/5G network, including network planning, deployment, testing and managed services. On the connectivity side, it offers complete SD-WAN solution, including planning, design, supply, installation, commissioning & managed services. It provides NoC support for fiber & transmission network management and managed services to serve the country’s OTT, data center and cloud providers. To know more, please visit