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Jidoka Technologies announces the launch of the revolutionary Self-training Software for AI-based Object Detection

Jidoka Technologies, among the pioneers in the field of automated cognitive inspection for manufacturing is happy to announce the launch of its innovative self-training software designed to revolutionize the AI-based object detection techniques.


In the era of rapidly evolving technologies, visual quality in manufacturing is not always binary – OK or NOK, and is highly subjective. It relies on people’s experience and expertise for decisions that need to be taken within seconds despite the presence of rules and SOP.


The criteria for accepting or rejecting defects in components can fluctuate due to factors like environmental conditions, the influence of external elements such as oil and dust on the part, and changes in standards based on the part’s functionality and its intended user. Although these variations are in the acceptable range, automated machine systems that rely on rule-based approaches would be rejecting the parts leading to a high percentage of false positives.


For over three years, Jidoka Technologies has been deploying its AI-driven software to address complex visual inspection tasks, with a track record of over 40 success stories spanning across automotive, consumer goods, print, and packaging industries. Customers have been asking for self-training for two usecases, where there is a change in environment or variations for existing lines or where there is a high mix-low volume eg: PCB industry where the requirements are dynamically changing. By building on this rich experience, the organization is now introducing its self-training software, empowering customers with the ability to independently train and deploy AI models on the go.


Speaking during the launch, Sekar Udayamurthy, CEO and Co-founder, of Jidoka Technologies, said, “We are happy to introduce our revolutionary self-training software for AI-based object detection in the visual inspection domain.  This technology is a game changer enabling the manufacturers to achieve quality inspection independence and ensure their own teams perform quality control of their ever-changing production lines quickly and effortlessly.” He also added. “With this new technology, manufacturers can attain an unmatched level of accuracy, efficiency, and adaptability in their quality inspection processes and reduce the dependency on Jidoka for changes”

This state-of-the-art software leverages the power of advanced AI technologies with continuous learning from different datasets and adapting to variations to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of visual inspections to unprecedented levels either to automated means or “human in the loop”.  The power to train AI models by the end user allows manufacturers to upskill their teams, manage the defects and work on timely upgrades based on their process and criteria changes.  Furthermore, this software significantly reduces the implementation time needed to take cutting-edge AI deployments live in production environments.  The user interface guides users with no machine vision expertise, step by step in the training of new defects and new products to AI, making the process extremely intuitive.

Jidoka works with manufacturers across automotive, FMCG, pharma, general manufacturing, electronics, textiles, and printing industry domains currently and will expand to other verticals, in the future. Its key list of customers includes Mudhra Fine Blanc Private Ltd, Nexteer Automotive, IP Rings, ZF Rane, Sansera Engineering, IM Gears in the automotive sector, Shriji Polymers in the Pharma sector, and ITC Ltd. and partners of Mondelez International, Marico in the FMCG sector.


About Jidoka Technologies:

Founded in 2018, by technology leaders, Sekar Udayamurthy, Dr. Krishna Iyengar, and Vinodh Venkatesan, Jidoka Technologies, the Chennai-based startup is an emerging leader in the field of automated cognitive inspection, delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions.

‘Jidoka’ stands for a principle that advocates ‘intelligent automation’ or ‘automation with a human touch’ in Japanese. The organization is one of the 3 winners in Cohort 7 of the Maruti Suzuki MAIL (Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab) Program for startups. Besides India, Jidoka Technologies has expanded its presence Europe and launched its operations in the US, with an ‘Experience Center’ in Dallas.

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