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Kaspersky’s protection is out of this world in Roland Emmerich’s latest epic sci-fi film, Moonfall

A global cybersecurity company plays a crucial role in protecting Moonfall’s heroes on their historic journey to save Earth.

What if one day, humanity was threatened by its only natural satellite – the moon?

The epic new sci-fi disaster film, Moonfall, is directed by the internationally renowned Roland Emmerich and written by Roland Emmerich & Harald Kloser & Spenser Cohen. It tells an exciting story wherein a mysterious force knocks the moon out of its orbit and sends it hurtling on a collision course with Earth, jeopardizing life as we know it. With mere weeks until impact and the world on the brink of total annihilation, the fate of humankind depends on a NASA executive and former astronaut, her disgraced and estranged colleague, and a conspiracy theorist. These unlikely heroes mount a seemingly impossible last-ditch mission into space, leaving behind everyone they love only to find out that our moon is not what we think it is.

In this thrilling film, Moonfall’s heroes travel on their mission to save Earth in a retired spacecraft with Kaspersky systems by their side to protect them on their journey. In the face of unknown threats, Kaspersky systems ensure the secure operation of their pivotal mission.

“We thank Kaspersky and all of our wonderful brand partners for teaming up with us in making Moonfall. We look forward to our theatrical release next month and sharing in its success with all our collaborators,” says writer, producer and director Roland Emmerich and writer and producer Harald Kloser in a joint statement.

Andrew Winton, Vice President of Global Marketing for Kaspersky, says about the collaboration: “We are very excited and proud to be a part of Roland Emmerich’s visionary film, Moonfall. Like in the movie where we protect the vital space mission of the heroes, our mission as a forward-thinking company is to build a safer world for humanity, whose future cannot be imagined without technological progress. It’s therefore especially important for the continual development and pursuit of space exploration to be actively driven by advanced technology. We can’t wait for global audiences to see this epic movie in cinemas and our part in the characters’ extraordinary journey.”

Moonfall lands in cinemas globally February 2022.

As a strong advocate of technological solutions and innovations, Kaspersky has a long history of supporting initiatives in the area of space science. The company has been actively supporting space exploration by partnering with the Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center, providing special cybersecurity training for cosmonauts and the IT specialists working at the center. Kaspersky also supported the Starmus festival – an annual event that combines science, art and music to bring together prominent scientists, artists and space explorers and inspire the next generation of great minds. Kaspersky has also collaborated with a space debris cleaning startup to raise awareness of space waste and draw global attention to young technological projects with great potential.


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