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Leading no-code player Appy Pie clocks 5 million app downloads on Android

Appy Pie, the leading cloud-based no-code app building platform, has clocked more than 5 million downloads for its android app named App Maker by Appy Pie. The download share for India is about 45% of the total number registered, and it assumes significance in the wake of the country’s no-code boom ushering in a new wave of entrepreneurs by simplifying the launch of app-based businesses. While App Maker by Appy Pie had hit the one million download mark in 2019 itself, the maximum surge was witnessed post the outbreak of the pandemic, with the number reaching three millions in 2020 and over five millions at present.


“The outbreak of the pandemic severely impacted the offline business model by disrupting the supply chain and distribution networks, compelling more and more businesses to resort to online channels and app-based business. With the widespread acceptance of no-code, which does not require anyone to acquire coding skills, several businesses have gone for rapid online transition, with apps being the hot favourite. India’s app economy is thus definitely bound to further grow multifold in the new normal,” says Appy Pie founder Abhinav Girdhar.


Notably, Appy Pie offers a wide product portfolio with which businesses irrespective of their budgetary constraints can create a 360-degree digital footprint. In addition to development of tools like apps, chatbots, websites etc, App Pie also assists in submission of apps on both Google Play Store and App Store. The company has off late generated interest among a few reputed educational institutions and varsities to consider app development as part of their curriculum.


The five-million app downloads milestone comes close on the heels of Appy Pie introducing a Virtual Assistant and Conversational AI-powered Answer Chatbot that could be customized as per the need of different industries and sectors such as healthcare, banking and human resource management, among other. In addition to it, Appy Pie also offers no-code development courses for students and professionals, wherein they are trained about app development as well as it’s publishing on app stores.

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