Press Release

Ministry of Education Launches Historic Partnership Between TeamLease Edtech and NSDC 

In a significant initiative, the Education Minister Hon’ble  Shri DHarmendra Pradhan  introduces a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at merging academic learning with practical work experience, setting a new standard for higher education and employability.

Marking a transformative moment in the landscape of Indian education and skill development, Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Education and Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, today officially inaugurates an innovative partnership between TeamLease EdTech and the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). This strategic collaboration is designed to foster employability through skill development by endorsing work-integrated degree programs. Digivarsity, TeamLease EdTech’s pioneering tech-first platform, will now synergize with Skill India Digital, offering candidates enhanced access to higher education and employment opportunities, heralding a new era in education and skill development.

TeamLease EdTech, a leader in educational solutions in India, has launched Digivarsity, a revolutionary platform that integrates academic study with real-world work experiences. Aimed at redefining the realm of higher education in India, Digivarsity prepares students for successful careers by equipping them with necessary workplace skills in addition to academic knowledge. With partnerships established with India’s top 10 universities and more than 150 leading employers, Digivarsity introduces innovative work-linked degree programs that bridge the divide between education and employment. This initiative empowers students to make well-informed decisions regarding their educational paths while gaining invaluable practical work experience. Digivarsity reflects the vision for the future of higher education in India as envisioned by the National Education Policy 2020.

“Digivarsity is poised to initiate a transformative shift in the higher education sector of India. We are committed to investing INR 100 crore over the next five years to expand the platform and reach over 10 lakh students. We believe that the skills required by today’s employers are best learned through real-world learning environments, in collaboration with industry partners. Our objective is to furnish students with the skills needed by the job market, thereby shaping the workforce of tomorrow,” shared Shantanu Rooj, Founder, and CEO of TeamLease EdTech.

The launch of Digivarsity tackles the critical challenges faced by both employers and universities. Employers often express difficulties in recruiting and retaining skilled talent, whereas universities grapple with providing both academic excellence and practical skill-building to render students employable upon completing their courses. This partnership between educational institutions and employers, facilitated by Digivarsity, promises to revolutionize the learning experience for students. By promoting work-integrated degree programs, Digivarsity not only aims to forge a future talent supply chain but also assists universities in broadening their scope and impact. The initiative is set to significantly contribute to the improvement of India’s Gross Enrollment Ratio, offering programs that emphasize:

  • Earning while Learning

  • Learning by Doing

  • Learning with Enhanced Signaling Value

“Participants of the Work-Integrated Degree Programs will receive on-the-job internships or apprenticeships, granting them substantial skills and work experience upon graduation and a distinct advantage over fresh graduates. Furthermore, each student will benefit from a monthly stipend to support their education and living expenses, truly realizing the ‘Earn while you Learn’ concept,” highlighted Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO of NSDC, underlining the combined efforts with TeamLease EdTech to significantly advance youth employability. This partnership marks a crucial step forward in enhancing employability and skill development, introducing a novel category of embedded work programs that are set to markedly improve the employability prospects of India’s youth.


About TeamLease EdTech – TeamLease EdTech is India’s leading learning and employability solution Services company. It helps universities launch, run and manage their own Online Programs, helps Institutes improve the employability of their students through apprenticeship programs, and helps corporates build talent supply chains. TeamLease EdTech has an exclusive partnership with 60 of India’s largest Universities across 16 Indian states, it trains 6.5 Lakh students on their platform through 9 Indian languages and work with 1500 corporates in their upskilling/skilling initiatives. Its Digivarsity platform is India’s first multi-university Career and Degree discovery platform.

About NSDC- As the vanguard of India’s skill ecosystem, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) brings its significant expertise to the global arena through NSDC, a holistic approach to skill development for a global audience, set up in October 2021 as a wholly owned subsidiary of NSDC. Since its inception, NSDC has played a vital role in enabling International Workforce Mobility through strategic engagements with foreign governments, dedicated training programs, and inclusive digital and on-ground initiatives.