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MongoDB Launches AI Innovators Program to Help Organizations Innovate with Generative AI

  • New MongoDB AI Innovators Program fast tracks access to technology and partnerships to accelerate product development and go-to-market opportunities with MongoDB

MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDB) today at its developer conference MongoDB.local NYC announced the MongoDB AI Innovators Program—which provides organizations building AI technology access to credits for MongoDB Atlas, partnership opportunities in the MongoDB Partner Ecosystem, and go-to-market activities with MongoDB to accelerate innovation and time to market. The MongoDB AI Innovators Program consists of the AI Startups track for early-stage ventures and the AI Amplify track for more established companies—both of which provide opportunities to join a community of founders, developers, and MongoDB experts to bring AI-powered solutions to market more quickly. To get started with the MongoDB AI Innovators Program, visit

Generative AI is changing technology stacks from developer tooling to back-office functions to application end-user experiences. With today’s breakneck pace of innovation, organizations from early-stage startups to established enterprises are exploring ways they can take advantage of generative AI to reimagine business operations, invent entirely new ways of doing business, and disrupt industries. However, organizations face the challenges of incorporating generative AI into their existing applications by bolting on additional technology or having to build new classes of applications from the ground up—both of which are expensive, time consuming, and require specialized knowledge. Because of these challenges, many organizations are unable to establish the best path forward with the right technology stack for their use cases and risk being outpaced by competitors. These organizations want a clearer path to innovation with generative AI and the ability to work with established technology leaders by using the best tooling for the job, working with partners that are subject matter experts, and identifying ways to get their AI-powered applications to market quickly.

With the MongoDB AI Innovators program, organizations of all sizes have the opportunity to work with MongoDB and its global network of partners for free access to technology, go-to-market initiatives, and collaboration with subject matter experts:

  • Expanded MongoDB Atlas credits: The AI Startup track of the MongoDB AI Innovators Program provides eligible organizations up to $25,000 in credits for MongoDB Atlas—the leading multi-cloud developer data platform that accelerates and simplifies building with data—in addition to credits available via the MongoDB for Startups program. With the capabilities needed to work with large-language model (LLM) embeddings using MongoDB Atlas Vector Search and seamless access to LLM tools and providers (e.g., AWS, Anthropic, Google Cloud, Hugging Face, LangChain, LlamaIndex, Microsoft Azure, MindsDB, and OpenAI), organizations can build AI-powered applications with MongoDB Atlas to reimagine end-user experiences on a single platform with the performance, security, and scale modern applications require. Since 2019, MongoDB has provided over $25 million in credits to more than 8,000 startups to help companies like Vanta, Unqork, and Concured rapidly prototype and iterate applications and bring them to production with MongoDB Atlas. With expanded access to MongoDB Atlas credits, startups have the opportunity to remove technological barriers and go from idea to AI-powered solution more quickly and at less cost. Expanded access to MongoDB Atlas credits is also available to startups that enter the program through MongoDB Partners—including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure—and eligible startups can apply to work with MongoDB Ventures to help secure early-stage funding.

  • Amplify visibility into products and accelerate time to market: While the AI Startup Track provides early-stage startups with exclusive benefits and additional MongoDB Atlas credits, the AI Amplify track is open to a wide range of business sizes and models. Through this program, AI submissions are fast-tracked by MongoDB experts and evaluated for strategic partnerships and joint go-to-market motions. Companies can take advantage of the AI Amplify track to get greater visibility into projects and exposure to new markets. MongoDB technical experts are also available for solutions architecture and to help identify compelling use cases to use in co-marketing opportunities.

  • Access to MongoDB Partners and solutions: The MongoDB Partner Ecosystem includes more than 1,000 organizations ranging from Databricks to BigID to Accenture, and MongoDB is the only independent software vendor (ISV) featured in all three major cloud providers’ startup programs. MongoDB customers like Forbes, Toyota, and Powerledger have taken advantage of industry solutions and technology integrations with MongoDB Partners to accelerate their pace of innovation and bring new applications to market more quickly. Organizations that participate in the MongoDB AI Innovators Program will have prioritized access to opportunities with MongoDB Partners, and eligible organizations can be fast-tracked to join the MongoDB Partner Ecosystem to build seamless, interoperable integrations and joint solutions under the Technology path; build modern, resilient, and secure solutions faster in the Powered by MongoDB path; or create innovative solutions with proven expertise and certified skills in the Services path—all with a go-to-market focus and together bringing AI solutions to new and existing users.

“We’re at an inflection point with generative AI, with startups and established companies exploring how they can use new technology to change the way they do business and disrupt industries,” said Peder Ulander, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at MongoDB“We have a long history of partnering with startups and enterprises to help them build new products and services using MongoDB Atlas and are thrilled to offer additional resources and the opportunity for developers and founders to join a community of innovators that are working to build the future with AI.”

Altimeter is a leading technology-focused investment firm built by founders for founders. “Enterprises are seeing a disruptive shift with the rise of AI, particularly generative AI,” said Pauline Yang, Partner at Altimeter“Every company needs to re-imagine its products and the roles AI will play in both internal and external applications and workflows. Developers play a critical role in ensuring the success of democratizing and deploying this technology.”

Redpoint partners with visionary entrepreneurs to create new markets and redefine existing ones. “Recent advancements in AI have illuminated a transformational shift in our industry that is on par with—and maybe even more impactful than—the advent of mobile,” said Erica Brescia, Managing Director at Redpoint“New AI-powered platforms for software development promise an explosion of new apps and will eventually redefine what it means to be a developer. In the short term, they are already enabling developers to be several times more productive, and as they continue to become more powerful, the skills a developer needs to be successful will change completely. The only question is how long this will take. One thing seems for sure: it will be years and not decades.”



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