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Most Firms Fail to Offer Sound Digital Employee Experience: Study


Highly mature organizations are seven times more likely to have fewer disruptions to the end-user experience and a better remote work experience overall

1E, a provider of Digital Employee Experience (DEX) currently managing over 11 million endpoints recently revealed the DEX maturity model, created by Forrester Consulting. The maturity model looks at the state of remote and hybrid work and provides a path for organizations to reach higher levels of maturity for increased employee retention and satisfaction, as well as improved productivity.

The study shows only those enterprises that embrace automation will be able to scale digital employee experience programs and achieve greater DEX maturity, leading to a more productive workplace better suited for the anywhere employee.

With estimates stating that one in five workers will be remote and a majority working in a hybrid environment, and 40% of organizations embracing a hybrid work strategy over the next two years, the digital employee experience is more important than ever before. This means that IT’s ability to provide an exceptional and secure user experience is only going to become more challenging, as already evidenced by new Forrester data that shows only 34% of organizations can currently support their future hybrid/remote work needs.​

According to the Forrester study, “while many have started down the path and learned much in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, most organizations are nowhere near mature enough to satisfy employee needs in the future of work. IT organizations must improve the digital employee experience and employee engagement, increase operational agility and automation, and secure employees regardless of location. The DEX maturity model gives organizations a roadmap for how to better serve employees while at the same time increasing security and improving operational agility.”

The companies that will succeed in this new normal will have high levels of DEX management maturity. Greater maturity means healthier businesses all around. Highly mature organizations are 62% more likely to see increased employee retention, and 33% more likely to report high employee satisfaction. And, higher DEX maturity organizations are more than twice as likely to have experienced fewer security incidents, and more than three times as likely to have experienced zero breaches.

“Less than one in ten organizations have real-time unified scoring to track digital experience. More than half (57%) state their user experience metrics are disaggregated across multiple platforms. We believe this data supports our position that, until analytics are paired with automation capabilities that can predict and improve experiences, enterprises will continue to miss the mark leaving employees with crippling disruptions and frustrations,” said Amy Collins, VP of Product Marketing, 1E. “Only those enterprises that embrace automation will be able to scale digital employee experience programs and achieve greater DEX maturity, leading to a more productive workplace better suited for the anywhere employee.”

Additional survey findings that show how grossly under prepared IT organizations are to support remote and hybrid work include:

● 1 in 5 IT organizations say they need to improve DEX practices to meet today’s remote workforce needs

● 55% say they only collect particularly deep data in one or two areas and don’t have a holistic understanding of the digital employee experience

● Just 10% say they can self-heal devices, with only 8% of total IT cases resolved via self-healing on average

● The end result of a lack of DEX management automation is low first-time resolution (FTR) rates, leading to frequent service escalations and poor experience: one in three orgs says they have 50% or worse FTR rates

To learn how mature your organization is from a DEX standpoint and discover tips on how to improve capabilities to fully support remote and hybrid work, complete

“This study shows that investing in your DEX maturity journey pays dividends for the overall health and performance of your company, despite employees working from wherever they please,” said Mark Banfield, CEO, 1E.

He added, “To begin your own maturity journey, start by completing the Forrester’s DEX maturity assessment to better gauge where your organization stands. Then, prioritize the implementation of metrics for better measuring and improving employee experience, as well as automation capabilities that will allow your company to scale DEX programs at the enterprise level. With a solution like our 1E Tachyon Platform designed specifically to support hybrid infrastructures, you can ensure all issues are remediated in real time, organization-wide, while gathering sentiment data to help continuously improve experience.”

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