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Neel Pandya joins Pyxis One, a global AI start-up, as CEO, APAC

  • Neel Pandya to spearhead a community of AI experts at Pyxis One with 30% boost in hiring and onboarding
  • Outgoing APAC CEO, and co-founder, Shubham Mishra to move into the role of Global CEO


Pyxis One, a start-up providing AI infrastructure for marketing, today announced the appointment of Neel Pandya as the new chief executive officer of its APAC business. Shubham Mishra, who helmed Pyxis One as CEO since its inception in 2018, will take on the role of global CEO.

Neel comes with rich, global experience and a deep understanding of the APAC regions. He joins Pyxis One from Loreal, where he performed as the youngest head of media and digital. A seasoned marketing professional with profound experience in leading large teams and seeing ambitious projects to fruition, Neel used to head one of India’s largest media forums, The Indian Society of Advertisers. Neel’s next move after Loreal has been highly anticipated in the industry.


In his new role, Neel will take over the APAC business to strategize and expand operations to manage and navigate Pyxis in APAC. Neel’s expertise will help Pyxis enhance current processes and protocols to build the future roadmap for the APAC region. He will also play a pivotal role in ramping up hiring for Pyxis One across departments which include marketing, sales, and operations. He will also be spearheading an initiative to build a community of AI experts within Pyxis. The initiative will include hiring the best data scientists and AI tech experts, across APAC and North America. Pyxis is looking at boosting their hiring by 30% under Neel’s leadership, this year.


Talking about his vision for the Series A funded AI start-up, Neel Pandya shared, “It’s an exciting time for AI and I am beyond thrilled to be joining as the CEO of Pyxis One. I have been closely following the growth of Pyxis, and I must admit, it is one of the few start-ups that is growing rapidly in a short span of time. It’s going to be a positively challenging position as Pyxis makes its mark across the global landscape and APAC operations begin to ramp up multi-fold.”


Neel Pandya is a successful marketing leader with proven accomplishments in driving growth with incremental efficiency. His extensive experience in the FMCG, telecom marketing and advertising industry, along with his vast experience in media, will be vital for the growth story of Pyxis One. Neel’s immediate focus will be to build strong partnerships for product integration and distribution, driving significant growth across the APAC region. He will also be responsible to build a strong growth process to scale rapid expansion for Pyxis One, and sketch immediate product enhancements and long-term features with high impact, for the company.


Commenting on Neel’s appointment as APAC CEO, and his own role as Global CEO, Shubham Mishra said, “Neel is one of the sharpest minds our country has. He sees and believes that AI infrastructure for marketing is all set to transform the way we approach business growth itself. We have started expanding into the Americas and Europe faster than we expected and having Neel with us will make our expansion efforts a lot smoother.”


Founded in 2018 by BITs Pilani alumni, Shubham Mishra, Vrushali Prasade and Harikrishna Valiyath, Pyxis One provides brands with sophisticated AI infrastructure for marketing. With a strong existing clientele in India, the fast-growing start-up is making rapid headway in the United States and Europe regions.


The rapidly growing AI start-up is backed by strong investors that include Chirate Ventures, pi Ventures, and Exfinity Venture Partners.


About Pyxis One

Pyxis One is a global AI start-up that builds sophisticated AI infrastructure for marketing and business growth. The growing Pyxis One suite of AI products currently cater to the research and innovation, creative and design, performance and social media spheres of marketing and growth. The Pyxis One products are designed to enable all marketing processes to be executed within a robust AI environment, making data accumulation and analysis easy and efficient.



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