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Nokia maintains leadership position in India’s optical network market in 2021, according to Omdia

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  • Nokia’s industry-leading optical solutions and customer-centric approach help it continue leading the highly competitive market


Nokia today announced that it continues to maintain its leadership position in India’s optical networks market for four rolling quarters from Q4 2020 to Q3 2021, according to Omdia, a leading independent global research firm. Nokia’s extensive range of optical products, designed to address the unique problems faced by the Indian service providers and enterprises, are the key reasons for its continuous market leadership. 

Nokia was the first vendor to introduce the optical line systems enabling operation over the C and L bands of the optical fiber spectrum (C+L band platforms), which doubles the network capacity over C-band only systems. Nokia’s optical transport systems also support a wide range of protection and restoration capabilities. Implemented in Metro as well as national long-distance networks across India, Nokia’s optical solutions ensure the quickest network restoration even in the case of multiple fiber cuts, thus helping Indian service providers address the problem of multiple fiber cuts at the same time.

Indian service providers are continuously looking for ways to increase network capacity as data consumption continues to grow. Nokia’s fifth-generation Photonic Service Engines (PSE-V) support the transport of 400G wavelengths over most routes, and up to 600G over metro and regional spans, which improves network capacity while ensuring one of the lowest cost per bit, to help operators cost-effectively deliver massive network capacity.

Nokia’s PSE-V family, and C+L platforms will further help Indian operators improve their optical network’s capacity, reach, and efficiency.

Jatinder Pal Singh, Head of IP & Optical Networks India RBC at Nokia, said: “We are thrilled to be ranked as a top optical network player in India’s optical networks market for more than two years. Omdia’s report reiterates the strength of Nokia products and our partner’s faith in them. We look forward to introducing new products and services to support Indian service providers in delivering the best possible network experience to their subscribers.”

Ian Redpath, Practice Leader – Transport Networks and Components, at Omdia, said: “India’s optical market is fuelled by ever-increasing data consumption in all regions and segments. After gaining the highest market share in 2020, Nokia continued its growth momentum to lead the optical transport market in India for all three quarters, Q1-Q3 of 2021, to maintain the top position. Nokia’s strategy of introducing relevant products that address specific customer pain points, coupled with its strong position in the country, has helped it to retain the market leadership position.”


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