Press Release

Okto Partners with Stan to Enhance Web3 Gaming Experience for Millions

              5 million gamers to benefit from Stan-Oko partnership 

  • Okto Wallet integration will enable users to move their game NFTs and other credentials out to other games and open markets as well.

Okto, the Web3 Wallet App developed in partnership with CoinDCX, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with Stan, a prominent community platform for the gaming audience based out of India. The future of gaming is web3, and Stan, a leading platform with a dedicated 5 million-strong gamer community, is strategically embracing this future. By seamlessly embedding the Okto Web3 Wallet onto  Stan’s platform, Stan aims to empower its users with smooth asset management (swap, etc.), enabling them to move their gamer NFTs and other credentials out to other games and open markets as well. 

The integration of Okto Wallet has been carried via Okto’s Embedded Web3 Wallet. With Okto Wallet now integrated into the Stan platform, gamers will enjoy a seamless interaction with their digital assets, addressing a challenge that gamers have faced. Gamers can now take their assets across ecosystems using a single wallet that is in use across ecosystems.

Okto’s Embedded Web3 Wallet represents a groundbreaking innovation in the industry, enabling any app or internet company to harness the full potential of Web3, decentralization, and smart contracts within minutes. By simplifying onboarding processes and facilitating inline Web3 transactions without app redirections, Okto extends the benefits of Web3 to users, even within non-native Web3 applications. 

Neeraj Khandelwal, Co-founder of CoinDCX and Okto, highlighted, “Navigating web3 dAapps using a wallet is often perceived as overly complicated. Currently, gamers store assets in multiple locations and experience numerous redirections, resulting in a cumbersome user experience. Therefore, simplifying the interaction with decentralized applications and providing a superior user experience is imperative. With Okto embedded wallet, gamers can take their winnings anywhere in the entire crypto universe. This approach will drive a shift in user behavior, aligning with the goal of seamlessly onboarding both web3 and web2 users into web3, while ensuring privacy protection and user-friendliness.”

Consider Vivan, an avid gamer, who regularly wins at Stan platform.  Vivan can choose to take his game rewards in Stan coins. He can then swap these coins with USDT (Tether, a stablecoin) on Okto, a platform designed for seamless transactions. He can also take his game NFTs and other credentials out to other games and open markets for trading, selling and buying as well.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Okto and fully unlock the potential of Web3 for our gamers,” commented Parth Chadha, Co-Founder and CEO of STAN. “Since wallets are central to all platform activities, our goal is to provide users with a familiar experience, eliminating the complexities often associated with managing Web3 assets like NFTs and social tokens. Stan’s vibrant 5 million gamer community will reap the benefits of this integration, allowing us to deepen engagement with existing players and attract new fans to our platform.”

“Web3 is all about empowering creators and giving them more control. Gaming has always been a leader in tech adoption, and we’re seeing it again with web3. We’re kicking things off with a partnership with Stan, a massive platform with 5 million users. This collaboration will provide valuable insights as we navigate the web3 landscape,” says Neeraj.

About Okto:
Okto is a secure multi-chain DeFi app that offers a keyless, self-custody wallet. It aims to simplify the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing a secure, user-friendly, and innovative solution for managing digital assets. Okto utilizes Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology to ensure security for users’ assets. But what really sets Okto apart is patent-pending AI-based Multi-Factor Authentication, a breakthrough technology that promises to revolutionize the security of self-custodial DeFi wallets. 

With support for multiple chains and access to over 100 protocols, Okto offers a seamless experience for users to participate in various DeFi activities.This innovative super app offers an array of exclusive features, including the Quest Centre for curated quests and exclusive airdrops, a New Tokens Hub for fast access to the latest tokens and crypto, opportunities to earn passive income, and the ability to collect NFTs representing meaningful moments and experiences. 

Okto is backed by investors such as Steadview, BCap, Coinbase Ventures , Pantera, Bain Capital Ventures, among others. 

About Okto SDK
Okto’s SDK empowers partners to integrate Web3 functionalities natively, setting a precedent for seamless Web3 adoption across platforms. Okto’s Embedded Web3 Wallet empowers customer-facing companies to enhance their bottom line by reducing infrastructure costs and accelerating time-to-market. This collaboration serves as a valuable testing ground for Okto’s technology, paving the way for wider industry adoption.

About Stan
STAN is a community based engagement platform having the largest gaming community in Asia with over 5M gamers onboarded. STAN’s goal is to create an ecosystem for the gamers where every victory matters, where rewards are more than just tokens – they’re the embodiment of dedication and prowess, and these gamers find a sense of belongingness.