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Omega Medical Coding Academy (OMCA) wins Lexa Healthpreneur Award in Academy Category

The award honours organisations that have played a vital role in the development and smooth functioning of the healthcare sector in India.

Omega Medical Coding Academy (OMCA), a division of Omega Healthcare and Management Services, was conferred the Lexa Healthpreneur Award 2022 in the ‘Academy category. The award aims to recognise and celebrate notable achievements of individuals and organisations in the healthcare sector and provide them with global exposure and visibility.
“Receiving such a prestigious award is a great honour. This is another big step towards our goal of imparting industry-collaborative medical coding knowledge to individuals who want to upskill themselves, acquire a high-demand skill set, and show immense growth potential in the future. So far, we have trained 7000 professionals in the field of medical coding, and awards like Lexa Healthpreneur only further strengthen our resolve to keep going forward and lead the healthcare industry to a future that looks promising, profitable and favourable for every individual connected to the sector.” said Saravanavasan KS, Vice President at Omega Healthcare

Omega Medical Coding Academy (OMCA) was created to leverage the vast experience of Omega Healthcare Management Services (OHMS) and mutually benefit students and the healthcare industry. Their model of business-academia collaboration delivers high-calibre professional medical coders to cater to the expanding industry.

“OMCA has been consistently striving to upskill the working professionals in the healthcare industry so that India can become the most lucrative destination for outsourcing talent. Such awards help legitimise our approach to training professionals and deliver cost-effective education accessible to everyone who needs it. There’s no doubt that we will soon reach a stage where the Indian healthcare sector and education sector join hands in providing extremely in-depth and elaborate collaborative training, which will ultimately result in uplifting the healthcare industry and the Indian economy as a whole.”, said Guruvayurappan, CHRO  at Omega Healthcare

The medical coding industry in India has been witnessing a constant boom since 2019 with the help of government schemes like the Ayushman Bharat Yojana that aims to promote digitisation and the adoption of new-age technologies like RCM and RPA in the healthcare sector. However, the future trends for the industry also paint a very optimistic picture, with nearly 80 per cent of healthcare businesses outsourcing their services from India, with the numbers only likely to go up.

About Omega Healthcare

Founded in 2003, Omega helps providers, payors, and pharmaceutical companies increase efficiencies, accelerate cash flow, and reduce costs while enhancing patient care. The company streamlines medical billing, coding, collection processes and offers telephone and message-triage services to provide industry-leading, comprehensive, and scalable outsourced revenue cycle management solutions. Combining the most extensive medical coding staff with proprietary technology, analytics, and automation capabilities, Omega is ranked among the top revenue cycle management business process services by industry analysts.

Omega Healthcare has more than 26,000 employees across the United States, India, and the Philippines.

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