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Planify Launches Revolutionary Partners Dashboard for Private Investment Experience

Planify, the biggest investment platform for private markets renowned for its innovative solutions, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary partner’s dashboard, designed to elevate the investment experience by offering exclusive access to private market opportunities to invest in SME IPO, PreIPO, Unicorns, and Startups. This innovative platform enables our partners to present a unique suite of private and hybrid market investments to their HNI and ultra-HNI clients. With real-time updates and comprehensive overviews, the dashboard is set to transform how our partners engage with the dynamic investment landscape, ensuring exceptional returns and empowering them to excel.


Planify’s Channel Partner program welcomes a diverse range of professionals including Stock Brokers, Insurance Agents, Mutual Funds Agents, Portfolio Managers, Research Analysts, Financial Institutions Employees, and AIF Distributors. This inclusive approach ensures that professionals from various backgrounds can leverage Planify’s platform to enhance their investment offerings and expand their clientele.


Why Choose Planify for Your Next Investment?


With a track record boasting over 20,000+ investors, delivering returns exceeding 117% year-on-year returns, and enabling investments worth over Rs. 350 Crores with 32+ successful exits, Planify stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the investment realm.


Benefits of Channel Partners


Planify’s Channel Partners enjoy a multitude of benefits including:


  • Diverse Investment Opportunities: Access to quality startups, SMEs, and PreIPOs, empowering partners to offer a diverse range of investment options to their clients.
  • Exceptional Returns: With 32 exists, Planify ensures exceptional returns, with investments of 3.1 crores yielding a staggering Rs. 17 Crores, representing a 450% absolute return and a remarkable CAGR of 117.6%.
  • Best & continuous Payouts: Partners benefit from recurring referral income and incentives based on performance, with weekly, monthly, and yearly payouts.
  • Team Building Opportunities: Channel Partners can build and expand their own teams, enabling them to scale their business operations effectively.
  • Customer Retention: Planify allows Channel Partners to retain their customers, ensuring that partners continue to benefit from their client base.
  • Hand-Holding and Training: Comprehensive training is provided on pitching Startups and pre-IPOs, along with effective platform utilization.
  • Referral Tracking: Partners gain access to Planify’s dashboard and CRM for easy tracking of referrals, commissions, and payouts.
  • One-stop Solution: Planify offers a single, user-friendly platform accessible via website, mobile site, Android, or iOS app, streamlining the investment process for Channel Partners and their clients.


Channel Partner Models


Planify offers three distinct channel partner models:


  • Master Franchisee: Assigning state or large regions to partners for broader customer outreach.
  • Franchisee: Assigning city or regional territories to partners with additional benefits for physical interaction.
  • Agency Model: Flexible working arrangements allow partners to sell selected products and services from anywhere, anytime.


All-in-One Dashboard


The Channel Partner dashboard provides an all-inclusive solution, enabling partners to:

  • Analyse leads and investors effectively
  • Keep track of earnings effortlessly
  • Execute buy and sell transactions with ease


Join Planify’s Partner Program Today


Becoming a Planify Channel Partner is seamless. Interested professionals must submit scanned copies of essential documents including PAN Card, Aadhar Card, canceled cheque or bank statement, relevant certifications of NISM, and licenses of SEBI, AMFI or IRDA.


About Planify


Planify is India’s leading platform for investing in startups, SMEs, PreIPOs, and Unicorns. Planify empowers investors to access diverse and lucrative investment opportunities and helps entrepreneurs raise funds from a network of 20,000+ angels. Planify has enabled Rs. 350 Cr+ investment and 32+ exits, with an average return of 117%+. Planify’s vision is to democratize wealth creation by making investing in startups, SMEs, PreIPOs, and Unicorns easy, transparent, and affordable for everyone. To know more, visit