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Remote sales start-up Goodmeetings raises USD 1.7 million

  • Funding round led by Chiratae Ventures
  • Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Paytm), Kunal Shah (CRED), and Sujeet Kumar (Udaan) among high net-worth entrepreneurs to invest in tech start-up
  • FortyTwo.VC, First Check, Adept Ventures, 100X Entrepreneurs,and Atrium Angels other major investors

Tech start-up Goodmeetings, which helps businesses excel in remote sales, on Friday, announced raising of USD 1.7 million (~Rs 12 crore) fund in pre-Series A round led by Chiratae Ventures.

Investment firms FortyTwo.VC, First Check, Adept Ventures, 100X Entrepreneurs and Atrium Angels participated in this round along with several high net worth entrepreneurs.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Founder & CEO, Paytm), Kunal Shah (Founder & CEO, CRED), Sujeet Kumar (Founder & CEO, Udaan), Manish Maheshwari (MD, Twitter India), Piyush Shah (Co-Founder, Inmobi Group), Krishna Kumar (Founder and CEO, Simplilearn), Raghunandan (Founder and CEO, Zolve, founder TaxiForSure), and Sandeep Daga (CFO, Nestaway)also participated in this round.

Goodmeetings shall use the proceeds over the next 12-18 months to build technology and scale-up teams in the US, said Srinivasan Narayan, Co-Founder & CEO of Goodmeetings.

“Just like IT professionals have enjoyed work from home privileges over the last decade, the pandemic has brought the moment of reckoning for functions like sales that no one earlier believed could be done remotely. Our platform will truly make this privilege accessible to sales teams by increasing their effectiveness more than offline meetings. Using AI & video analytics, we shall empower the sales teams to sell more effectively from the comfort of their homes so that geography doesn’t stand between a great salesperson and his/her dream job”, said Narayan.

The company is currently engaged with insurance companies, real-estate, and fin-tech firms, among others.It is also targeting B2B SaaS, EdTech, Internet and consumer segments to provide its remote sales services, Narayan added.

“At Chiratae, we truly buy into the thesis of remote work changing the future of work and the need for vertical tools and technologies to solve for a business function either as good as or better than the status quo. Goodmeetings has the potential to permanently change the way sales is done and democratize economic opportunities for billions. This fits into our thesis and we are glad to back this team”, said KarthikPrabhakar, Executive Director & Partner of Chiratae Ventures.

Explaining how his tech startup works, Narayan said that Goodmeetingsleverages video, AI & analytics to enable sales teams to sell more effectively online than offline. The platform not only automates various ancillary tasks around selling (such as collecting customer information & taking notes) but also nudges the sales person about what to say & when during the video call itself. It self learns from each seller & buyer interaction and redeploys this learning in making future calls more effective.

About Goodmeetings:

Goodmeetings ( is an online video & AI-enabled platform that helps sales guys sell 10X better over video calls. It empowers sales associates by providing dynamic nudges, checklists, help on the fly and workflow automation to improve sales productivity & efficacy. It also provides essential analytics post video calls to help sales managers & coaches gather useful insights & take data driven decisions.

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