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ReshaMandi’s latest cataloguing solution enables and empowers its weavers

  • Since the launch, there has been a reported 40% reduction in the time spent on sharing and monitoring products
  • It has also helped catalogue over 3000 sarees for 200+ weavers

ReshaMandi – the largest farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for natural fibres in India – has introduced a new service called Cataloguing as a Service (CaaS) to assist its weavers. The objective of this initiative is to provide weavers with a fast and efficient way to catalogue  their products in a professional manner. The decision to launch this service was prompted by the challenges faced by weavers, such as having to send numerous images and product information to each customer separately, as well as managing orders with varying prices, which often resulted in spending a significant amount of time scrolling through their phones. Also, with so many small clusters of weavers across the country having limited to no access to professional imagery services, the images used and shared  do not truly reflect the fineness of their products.


Cataloguing as a Service (CaaS) provides several options for weavers, such as obtaining a polished digital catalogue of the saree draped on models and mannequins, which highlights every aspect of the fabric and design from five different angles. These drapes are systematically produced and only require a flat lay photo of the saree which the weavers can click using their mobile phones and directly upload on the ReshaMandi Super App. Additionally, weavers can specify the features of their sarees using this service. The output that the weavers get is a Web link to their dedicated digital store, rich with professional photos of the saree, its details and means of tracking the engagement on each of their products.


Saurabh AgarwalFounder & CTOReshaMandi, said, “We observed that many weavers in most clusters were sharing unprocessed images of their sarees with customers through the popular messaging platforms because they lacked access or financial resources to utilise professional cataloguing services. Given the painstaking efforts that go into designing and sewing these sarees, we deemed it essential to showcase the yards of fabric in a manner that would accentuate their beauty, elegance, and distinctiveness.”


After its launch, Cataloguing as a Service (CaaS) has experienced a significant surge in usage by weavers, with ReshaMandi cataloguing over 3000 sarees for 200+ weavers. Weavers have also noted a decrease of at least 40% in the time it takes to share and track requested products, as well as an increase in client engagement, particularly from new clients.


Kumar Chatta, a weaver from Vayan Handlooms, Dharmavaram, says “The Digital Store is helping us easily showcase our sarees beautifully to our customers and directly impacting our sales. It is saving us a lot of time and effort.” The ability to learn more about sarees online without physically examining them has had a direct impact on their sales and has led to an expansion of their customer base.

About ReshaMandi 

ReshaMandi is India’s first and largest farm-to-fashion digital ecosystem for the natural fibre supply  chain. With a vision to become the global leader in traceable and sustainable fashion, the company began with a focus on silk and has diversified by adding other natural fibres to its portfolio such as cotton, jute, coir and banana. ReshaMandi works with 100,000+ farmers, 10,000+ reelers, 17,500+ weavers, and 18500+ retailers in the entire natural fibre supply chain to improve productivity, boost their bottom line and eventually be instrumental in transforming the quality of their lives.

ReshaMandi also has a  D2C  e-commerce platform,  which caters to end consumers, bringing them exquisite sarees from different parts of India. Today, the company manages the entire ecosystem for all natural fibres catering to a diverse set of stakeholders such as farmers, reelers and weavers on one side and retailers, mills, manufacturers, exporters, corporates, designers and end consumers on the other. It is now serving the whole Indian natural fibres industry as a result of becoming the ecosystem’s chosen sourcing partner for all of its stakeholders. With its recent debut into the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, and SouthEast Asia, its mission is to enable the value chain of fabrics, apparel, home furnishings, and accessories through technology-first solutions that bring transparency, fair pricing, and quality to be the pillars of the fashion & textile industry.

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