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RING, launches Women’s Day campaign: ‘Sun Saheli’ to drive the message of financial inclusion  


 The DVC aims to highlight how women are taking charge of their finances and future

Mumbai, 8th March 2024: RING the consumer-first digital payment app, a part of ONEmi Technology, unveiled its Women’s Day campaign aimed at empowering underbanked Sahelis (blue-collar workers) across India. This initiative seeks to address the lack of financial inclusivity faced by millions of women who remain underbanked and rely on their spouse’s or relatives’ bank accounts to manage their finances. Aligned with this year’s theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’, RING is handing over the baton of financial inclusion to everyone in a plea to help their helps be in charge of their own money.

The campaign, titled “Sun Saheli, Tu Hum Mein Shamil Hai”, highlights the stories and struggles of these hardworking women who contribute to their households but lack financial independence. Through a compelling narrative and character dialogues, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of financial inclusion and strives to empower Sahelis to take control of their finances. The DVC highlights daily instances where household helps, despite earning their own hard-earned money, request that their salaries be deposited into their husbands’ or relative’s accounts. Despite contributing significantly to household incomes, these women often relinquish control over their earnings, entrusting them to others.

According to recent statistics, nearly 77% of women in India are still underbanked, facing barriers to accessing formal financial services. These barriers include including a lack of identification documents, limited financial literacy, and socio-cultural barriers. RING is committed to bridging the gap by providing women with the necessary tools and resources to become financially independent.

The campaign is expected to be amplified on RING’s social media channels like Instagram , YouTube and other content platforms and is expected to reach audiences organically.

Commenting on the launch, Ms. Shwetha Iyer, SVP and Head of Marketing, at RING said, “As part of the campaign, RING will guide women in obtaining their Aadhar Cards and setting up their UPI and bank accounts. We recognize the pressing need to address this issue and are dedicated to fostering awareness through the message of ‘Help your help’. The campaign is also a call to educated individuals to support the blue-collar workers around them in this process. Together, we hope to create a more inclusive and financially secure workforce. We believe that every woman deserves financial independence and the opportunity to build a better future for themselves and their families. Through our Women’s Day campaign, we aim to empower Sahelis across India to take charge of their finances and unlock their full potential.”

RING has always encouraged inclusivity as part of their business strategy, this campaign takes it a step further by encouraging collective efforts. RING is inspiring and empowering women from all backgrounds to actively participate and contribute to a more inclusive society.


Moreover, this campaign is a reflection of a growing focus on promoting diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility among all strata of society. Overall, the campaign is a positive step towards promoting financial inclusion and gender equality, highlighting the important role that fintech can play in driving social change.

About RING:

RING, a consumer-first, consumer credit app launched by OnEMi technologies, offers long-term and short-term loans. Customers can avail of multi-tenured loans of up to Rs.5 lakhs at the lowest interest rates and flexible repayment options. RING also offers flexibility to make both online and offline payments. Customers can use RING to pay for transactions, pay bills and pay through UPI. RING also has over 10 lakh merchants that help them acquire customers across the country. The company has built a robust loyalty and rewards program for consumers to improve customer stickiness.