International Women’s Day: Women Achievers who are radiant and motivating

On March 8, International Women’s Day, let us honour the spirit of female entrepreneurs who are leading various companies and propelling them to new heights. Along with their educational background, they also contribute insights that can really aid in an organization’s growth, and their leadership abilities guarantee that they never give up. These entrepreneurs, who come from a variety of backgrounds and can motivate a whole generation of girls with lofty goals, are really inspiring.
Komal Agarwal
Co-founder of Pebble, one of the top smartwatch brands in India, is Komal Agarwal. Pebble has been a major player in the smartwatch market for the past ten years and was named by IDC in one of its reports as one of the fastest growing Indian smartwatch brands. Pebble has become a market leader in the smartwatch space thanks to celebrity endorsers like Tiger Shroff, customer-focused marketing strategies, and industry-leading designs and specifications. More recently, the company announced a partnership with Warner Bros., a major Hollywood studio. Additionally, the company and Pepe Jeans London have teamed up to reinvent denim for the wrist.
Kanika Vohra & Anuradha Chandrashekhar:
AJIO.com’s founding members, Kanika Vohra and Anuradha Chandrashekhar, are specialists in branding and content creation, respectively. A few years later, the two teamed up to form ICH Creative in 2017. Since then, the business has written numerous success stories in the fashion and lifestyle retail space for major players like Amazon India, Tata Cliq Luxury, Myntra, and others. With two brands, ICH BOT and ICH NEXT, it serves as a one-stop shop for companies hoping to get a piece of the rapidly expanding fashion and lifestyle retail market. The first Indian wear fashion forecasting service, ICH NEXT, was created especially for the vast but mostly untapped domestic retail sector in India.

Dr Supriya Pattanayak, Founding Vice Chancellor, Centurion University:

As the Vice Chancellor of Centurion University of Technology and Management—the only university in the nation to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence by the Union Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship—Dr. Supriya Pattanayak is a model academician with over 25 years of experience. The central and state governments, as well as academic think tanks like NITI Aayog and international organisations like UNESCO, the World Bank, and McKinsey, have all recognised the university’s innovative approach to education that emphasises experiential and action learning. The university partners with major corporations in the industry, such as Yamaha, Schneider Electric, Dassault Systems, AWS, and others, to operate a number of nano, micro, and macro industries on campus.
Karunya Sampath
As the CEO and co-founder of Payoda, she is dispelling a lot of stereotypes about women. By taking the lead, she has succeeded in making this innovative company globally recognised. She graduated from the esteemed PSG College of Technology with a degree in Computer Software Engineering, and her work experience at places like S&P Global, among others, has helped her advance along her chosen professional route. She is very skilled in organisational development, operations management, product management, business strategy, and sales management. She has expertise in both the IT and service industries. She is currently on the boards of Elyments, HealthViewX, and AppViewX, which emphasises even more how this lady was destined to be at the forefront of tech-based leadership.