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Sify Technologies enhances iTest platform with Remote Proctoring Solution from TALVIEW


Integration of iTest and ‘Proview’ to ensure authentic invigilation of online exams held remotely


Sify Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: SIFY), India’s most comprehensive ICT solutions provider with global service capabilities spanning domestic and international Telecom Networks, Data Centers, Cloud, Applications, Managed services and Systems integration, announced their partnership with Talview, an AI enabled Talent Assessment technology provider, to integrate Remote Proctoring Solutions with its iTest platform. This integration with Talview’s proctoring solution, Proview, will ensure authentic invigilation of online assessments held remotely.

Sify’s iTest is a platform providing end-to-end admission, recruitment & assessment engine. iTest has the capability of providing a safe & secure testing environment in both LAN-based and internet-based settings. In just the last year, iTest has hosted approximately 4 million assessments online.

Talview’s Proctoring Solution, Proview, will enable iTest with powerful features such as live and automated remote proctoring that uses AI-powered facial recognition to detect impersonation, browser policing, real-time alerts, activity log to inspect suspicious activities, and more.

“Outbreak of COVID-19 has given a definitive surge to the online examination software market and has increased the need for advanced proctoring solutions. Remote proctoring offers a series of advantages over traditional online examination method. Our iTest platform will come equipped with this AI based proctoring solution to ensure the quality and integrity of exams and candidates during remote examination. With this integration, iTest can now create a bio-metric record of the candidate, track their movements across multiple browser windows and for every session, and flag other suspicious activities like copy-paste in real time. The solution is designed to work in low bandwidth environment making it the perfect solution for the current situation,” said Kamal Nath, Chief Executive Officer, Sify Technologies Limited.

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