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slice plans to hire 800 people across product, operations, design, and engineering in 2022

slice, a leading fintech startup is planning to hire close to 800 people across various posts in the operations, design, product, and engineering verticals in the coming year. With slice being a market leader, it aims to further expand and ramp up hiring by at least 2x in 2022.

Tech startups worldwide focus heavily on expanding their product and engineering teams. However, operation systems have usually been a downsized & downplayed vertical at a company. slice believes that a strong operations team with people who can leverage tech & design thinking skills to solve internal operation issues is critical to scaling business & ensuring operational excellence. The new hires will focus on scaling the card product and upcoming UPI product integration. 40% of the new hires in 2022 will be onboarded into the firm’s engineering, product & operations teams.

slice’s hiring philosophy is a testament to the company’s resolve & faith in young talent. The firm’s ideology is to hire young talent under experienced management by valuing potential over just experience.

Rajan Bajaj, Founder and CEO of slice said, “At slice, we are constantly looking for young talent, whether that are freshers just out of graduate school or experienced professionals who relate to our product and are equally enthusiastic about creating the future of payments. We plan to hire close to 800 people by the end of next year with a special focus on building & growing our product, operations, design, and engineering teams. With a surge in our product adoption this year, we aim to ramp up hiring by at least 2x in the coming year. MZs (Millennials & Genz) are strong problem-solvers with a steep learning curve. They are not afraid to challenge the status quo, making them the ideal fit for slice, where we are on the cusp of revolutionizing India’s credit & payments space.

The average age of the employees at slice is 26 years, and the team expansion strategy for the coming year is to stick to the same philosophy: hiring people who might not have relevant experience but showcase immense potential & promise.

About slice:

slice is India’s largest credit card challenger to pay bills, manage expenses, and unlock rewards. Our members love us and swear by us. We’re reinventing how consumer credit and payments work by offering a simple and transparent app to help our members transact easily. We have about 5 million registered members with an average age of 27, making us a market leader in a fast-growing segment.

Oh, btw, we offer upto 2% cashback on every transaction, and our members have the option to convert monthly bills payable into 3 instalments, with no extra charges. Yup, you can count on us.

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