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Sona Comstar collaborates with NASSCOM to enhance digital skills of their employees through FutureSkills Prime

Sona BLW Precision Forgings Limited (Sona Comstar), India’s leading automotive technology company, is collaborating with FutureSkills Prime – a MeitY-NASSCOM Digital Skilling Initiative to upskill its employees/workforce in cutting edge digital technologies with industry-relevant and government recognized curriculum based courses.

FutureSkills Prime is the first-of-its-kind public-private cooperation between the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and NASSCOM to create a digital skilling ecosystem for India’s citizens. The objective is to reskill/upskill graduates and professionals in emerging technologies and professional skills to make India a global digital talent nation in the coming years.

Sona Comstar aims to upskill its employees to be ready to face the digital revolution across multiple functional areas. FutureSkills Prime is dedicated to advising and encouraging Indian professionals to play motivating, valuable, and purposeful roles in a future brimming with opportunities made possible by cutting-edge digital technologies.

Mr. Vivek Vikram Singh, Group CEO, Sona Comstar commenting on the initiative, said, “We are proud to be the part of the enterprise by Government of India and NASSCOM. As the world, especially manufacturing, rapidly transitions from the Industrial Age to the digital age, the skills required have also evolved. The advancement of technology and digital transformation compels up-skilling as the natural progression towards a promising future. As an automotive technology leader, it is our  endeavor to up-skill our workforce at this juncture.”.

Mr. Kiran Manohar Deshmukh, CTO, Sona Comstar, said, “We are rapidly moving towards digital transformation. A lot of the workforce is not prepared for change at such a scale, and we need to reskill our workforce—especially managers, engineers, and executives—according to the changing needs of the industry.” He further added, “The digital transformation will not only be rapid, but it will also proliferate across all facets of manufacturing. Therefore, there is a need to have ‘digital literacy’ among the entire workforce. Going forward, we also plan to  work with NASSCOM to develop and curate the content suitable for the shop floor employees and other front-line associates in the manufacturing sector.”

FutureSkills Prime promotes skilling through Foundation, Bridge and Deep Skilling courses across technologies. The focus remains on digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud Security, Python, Design Thinking, etc., and few soft skills like Creativity, Critical Thinking, etc. NASSCOM will continue to provide some new content regularly throughout the program.

On the collaboration, Mr. Navanit Samaiyar, Head, Market Development and Learner Success, NASSCOM FutureSkills said, “With technology proliferating industries, and the world moving towards digitized existence, it is essential that we arm the workforce across sectors to be future-ready with critical tech & professional skills. Upskilling in emerging technology is an armour that the workforce needs to not just meet the challenges of a digital-first world but to thrive in it. This initiative, by Sona Comstar, to upskill their workforce is a first in the automobile industry. In that respect, Sona Comstar is a visionary leader in recognizing the benefits of enabling a culture of learning tech. This will not only benefit the company but will be an example for others in the automobile industry where tech is already married to automobiles. This partnership will help FutureSkills Prime get closer to the vision of making India a digital talent hub. We are enthused and extend our support to enable the upskilling of the workforce of Sona Comstar in this collaboration.”


About SonaComstar

Sona BLW Precision Forgings Limited (Sona Comstar) is one of India’s leading automotive technology companies. Founded in 1995, it is headquartered in Gurugram, India, and has emerged as a global supplier with nine manufacturing and assembly facilities across India, the USA, Mexico, and China.

Sona Comstar is primarily engaged in designing, manufacturing, and supplying highly engineered, mission-critical automotive systems and components to automotive OEMs. Sona Comstar is a leading supplier to the fast-growing global Electric Vehicle (EV) market. The company has strong R&D, engineering, and technological capabilities in precision forging, mechanical and electrical systems, and base and application software development. It is diversified across geographies, products, vehicle segments, and customers.

Sona Comstar is listed on BSE Ltd (BSE) (Code: SONACOMS/543300) and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) (Symbol: SONACOMS) in India.

About FutureSkills Prime

FutureSkills Prime is the first-of-its kind public-private partnership, between Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology and NASSCOM to build a digital skilling ecosystem for the citizens of India. Its mission is to reskill/upskill professionals in emerging technologies and professional skills, towards a vision of making India a digital talent nation. FutureSkills Prime is committed to guiding and empowering the Indian professionals towards playing exciting, valued, and purposeful roles in a future that has significant possibilities, enabled by new-age digital technologies. In the short journey, FutureSkills Prime has upskilled 4,00,000+ citizens of India, 89 % of whom are youth, thereby contributing towards the vision of making the country a Digital Talent Nation.


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