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Strategic Partnership Announced Between Dhiway and SBL Knowledge Services to Propel Digital Identity Solutions

Dhiway, an industry leader in enterprise Web 3.0 technology, has announced a strategic alliance with SBL Knowledge Services, a globally recognized implementor of intelligent governance solutions worldwide. This collaborative partnership aims to redefine the landscape of digital governance and skill development through innovative digital identity solutions.

Dhiway’s groundbreaking Layer I Blockchain, the CORD, and its Verifiable Digital Credentialing application, the #MARK Studio, serve as the technological backbone of this alliance. Coupled with SBL’s extensive experience and successful implementation of technology solutions, including the world’s first digital Legislative Assembly, the partnership is set to create a robust, secure ecosystem designed to enhance workforce empowerment on a global scale.

“Our partnership with SBL is a significant step towards creating a seamless future where individuals and businesses can build trust around their Digital interactions. SBL’s sharp application focus coupled with Dhiway’s technology prowess at the backend will help develop the markets for applications to build on such Trust Oriented Platforms “said KP Pradeep, CEO of Dhiway.

Leveraging the potential of the CORD blockchain’s SDK and the #MARK Studio credentialing platform, the partnership will offer a comprehensive array of APIs for developing and integrating applications that manage persistent digital identifiers. This transformative collaboration aims to revolutionize credential management, streamlining the process for individuals to display their skills and qualifications, and paving the way for their success.

“As a visionary and successful implementor of digital solutions in India and across the globe, we at SBL are eager to work alongside a digital pioneer like Dhiway,” commented Gopakumar, CEO of SBL. “We believe this partnership will redefine the way credentials are managed across governance and skilling sectors, offering a more streamlined, efficient approach.”

About Dhiway


Dhiway is a leading provider of frictionless population-scale solutions, committed to reshaping the digital future through a universal identification system that emphasizes portability, persistence, privacy, and owner control. For more information about Dhiway, please visit

About SBL

SBL is a world-class technology solutions provider, renowned for its visionary approach and successful implementation of digital solutions, including the world’s first digital Legislative Assembly and earning the highest civil service award. With comprehensive services across various industries, SBL continues to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking innovative technological solutions.

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