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The Proxperts Unveils Ambitious Expansion Plans to Transform MSMEs and Foster ‘Make in India’ Initiatives

The company is planning to inspire 100,000 Business Owners thereby transforming 1000 Business Enterprises to create an impact of good profit for them By 2030

The Proxperts, a prominent business consulting company headquartered in Surat, Gujarat, today announced its visionary expansion plans aimed at revolutionizing the way MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in India are empowered and guided towards corporate excellence. With a strong commitment to support manufacturing companies and contribute to the ‘Make in India’ initiatives, The Proxperts is set to reach new horizons both within India and internationally. The company is planning to inspire 100,000 Business Owners thereby transforming 1000 Business Enterprises to create an impact of good profit for them By 2030.

The Proxperts’ strategic expansion encompasses two pivotal facets:

Online Consultation Model: In an ever-evolving digital landscape, The Proxperts are harnessing the power of technology to provide world-class consulting services online. This approach allows them to extend their reach far and wide, making expert guidance accessible to a broader spectrum of businesses across India.

Franchise Model: The Proxperts are introducing a franchise model to expand their footprint into diverse regions, starting with Rajkot and Jamnagar in Gujarat, and Mumbai with other Tier-2 cities in Maharashtra. This franchising initiative is poised to create new avenues for local entrepreneurs to be part of The Proxperts’ mission of empowering MSMEs.

“The MSME sector is the backbone of our nation’s economy, contributing significantly to the GDP. We believe that with the right guidance and support, these businesses can achieve remarkable growth and contribute even more to India’s prosperity,” said Krunal Shah, CEO of The Proxperts. “Our expansion plans are not just about expanding our reach but about making a meaningful impact on the businesses we serve.”

The Proxperts are deeply committed to supporting manufacturing companies and aligning their growth with the ‘Make in India’ initiative. By aiding these companies in achieving operational excellence and global competitiveness, they aim to play a vital role in strengthening India’s position as a manufacturing hub.

In addition to their domestic expansion, The Proxperts are also eyeing international markets. The company is actively exploring opportunities in Dubai and Australia, with plans to establish a presence in these regions, further strengthening their global footprint.

The Proxperts’ expansion endeavors reflect their dedication to fostering economic growth, empowering MSMEs, and contributing to the success of ‘Make in India.’ As they venture into new territories and embrace innovative models of consultation, The Proxperts are poised to create a brighter future for businesses both in India and abroad. The company also possesses more than 60% of female employees including the co-founder and promotes women empowerment at a higher level.

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