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Weather Risk Management Services (WRMS) exhibited its cutting-edge “IoTs and SecuFarm App” at CII Agro Tech India 2022

–          WRMS stall saw overwhelmingly positive response from Farmers, FPOs, MFIs, seed companies, contract farming and sustainable farming companies

Chandigarh – Weather Risk Management Services (WRMS), an agriculture and dairy risk management company, recently participated at the CII Agro Tech India 2022, the premier Agri and Food Technology Fair held at Chandigarh from November 4th to 7th, 2022.  At the CII Agro Tech India 2022, WRMS displayed a variety of IoTs like AWS, APS, AIS and educated attendees about the SecuFarm App and SecuTrak solution.

The expo was focused on strengthening the Indian agriculture and food processing sectors through technology interventions, discussions, and nurturing partnerships.

“We are delighted to take part in CII Agro Tech India 2022. It was a fantastic opportunity to interact directly with potential clients, discover new markets, build business connections, and gain honest feedback on the products the company offers. Our booth witnessed a good footfall of attendees that included Farmers, FPOs, MFIs, seed companies, contract farming companies, and other sustainable farming companies. We received a lot of inquiries about and positive feedback about our Automatic irrigation, SecuTrak and smart farming solutions that use AI and IoT technology to help farmers overcome their most difficult obstacles, increase production, practise sustainable farming, and ensure revenue” said Anuj Kumbhat, CEO and Co-Founder, WRMS.


“We also displayed IoTs like AWS, APS, AIS which were extremely popular among farmers and FPOs visitors. FPOs connected with us to understand our SecuFarm product and showed keenness to pilot with us” he further added. 

The SecuFarm app from WRMS is a ground-breaking agri-tech solution that gives farmers farm-level production assurance by downscaling their risk using data and technology. With the most up-to-date digital technology, it reaches farmers all over India and supports them to ensure they achieve a better yield by adhering to the package of practices supplied with them in their native dialect.

Once farmers get enrolled, their farm is geo-tagged for farm-level monitoring, they start getting customised crop management advisory, weather forecast, irrigation advisory, etc. The app also links the farmers directly to Agri experts to resolve their queries. It also offers post-harvest market linkages to ensure they get best prices for their yield. In case they don’t produce the assured minimum yield even after following the package of practices, the firm gives them timely compensation. SecuFarm is a complete income protection solution for the farmers that also drives them towards sustainable and climate smart farming practices.

Through Ingen Technologies Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WRMS established in 2008, WRMS provides IoT-based agriculture services. For instance –, accurate and real-time weather forecasting using indigenous automated weather stations helps measure parameters like temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, and solar radiation every second. Using electronic traps and image processing methods, remote pest monitoring is carried out. Farmers may arrange smart irrigation using automatic irrigation switches using the WRMS IoT services, saving them time, energy, and water.

SecuTrak is a complete logistics management solution revolutionizing industries like Agriculture, Dairy, Fleet, Courier, Cargo, Railways & SMEs. A product of Ingen Technologies Private Limited, SecuTrak offers advanced GPS-based live tracking solutions that make logistics management easy, efficient and economical.

It is also worth noting that WRMS has received 2.1 million euros (about Rs. 17 crore) from the InsuResilience Solutions Fund in order to provide small farmers with yield guarantees.

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