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Zoom to Power Team Communication and Fan Experiences for Oracle Red Bull Racing

Zoom to Power Team Communication and Fan Experiences for Oracle Red Bull Racing


Zoom is the official unified communications provider for Oracle Red Bull Racing; Zoom Team Chat, Zoom Events, and Zoom Meetings will power key communications and experiences for the Formula 1 team on and off the track


If there’s one thing we know about Formula 1 racing, it’s that speed and innovation are core to every team’s success. That’s why we’re extremely humbled and excited to announce that Zoom will enhance Oracle Red Bull Racing’s unified communications and global connection with its fans as part of a new strategic partnership.


From Free Practice 1 on Friday to the checkered flag on Sunday. From the Technology Campus in Milton Keynes, England, to the team’s fans in every part of the world. Zoom technology will be there, enabling the speed and innovation that wins at the highest levels.


Oracle Red Bull Racing will leverage multiple Zoom solutions to enhance critical team communications and bring the team to more people through unique virtual experiences. Reliable, easy-to-use, and innovative technology from Zoom will power:

  • Real-time team communications: Oracle Red Bull Racing personnel will use Zoom Team Chat to instantly and securely message team members wherever they are.
  • Video collaboration: When the team needs to share important insights together, they can turn chat conversations into collaborative video meetings at the touch of a button. 
  • The fan experience: Because the team’s fandom extends well beyond race day locations, Oracle Red Bull Racing will use Zoom Events and Zoom Meetings to provide fans even more access to their favorite team through virtual driver Q&As, virtual tours of the garage, and other behind-the-scenes opportunities.


“We are very excited about partnering with Zoom,” said Oracle Red Bull Racing Team Principal and CEO Christian Horner. “Their forward-thinking approach to communications mirrors our attitude to racing on track. They are fast, secure, and reliable in everything they deliver. Zoom’s proven track record of innovation will enhance our communication capabilities and provide us with a cohesive platform that will continue to bind the entire team together.”   


Visit our website to learn more about Zoom’s real-time communications technology powering Oracle Red Bull Racing. And discover how Formula 1 enables real-time collaboration, reduces its carbon footprint, and brings people closer to drivers and race teams with Zoom.

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