5 startups revolutionizing the Indian Education Industry

The Ed-Tech industry has witnessed a compound annual growth rate of 16.8% from 2017 to 2022. The Indian Education sector has been undergoing a transformative journey, intermingling with startups. These startups are helping schools scale up and grow to their full potential by providing them with technology solutions and support. The synergy between the Indian education industry and startups will provide a holistic growth path for both.

Here are some of the Indian Startups revolutionizing the industry:


Teach Mint

Teach Mint is the leader in educational infrastructure solutions, enabling the educational ecosystem to produce motivational learning results. Since its inception, they have provided exclusive classroom technology to millions of educators, enabling them to establish global, future-ready classrooms. Teach Mint provides support for all education providers, including K–12 institutions, after-school tutoring programs, colleges, content creators, and even edtechs, with the help of cutting-edge SaaS solutions.



Jodo was founded in 2020 by three innovators, who wanted to positively impact the lives of people by providing financial services and support. JoDo’s mission was supported by investors like Matrix Partners, Innovation Capital, etc. By 2021, they had impacted around 100 institutions and soon after expanded beyond Bangalore, to fulfill their vision of becoming the go-to fee payment application all across the country. Currently, JoDo is flourishing and building a multi-product fintech platform to make payments convenient for parents and schools.



Uolo is helping more than 2 million students and over 8,000 schools to soar toward success. They are making learning better. They aim to empower schools across the country to better shape the future of young Indian students. They provide scholastic in-school curricular programs, in essential skills like English communication, coding, etc.


Lead School

Lead School is committed to bringing innovation to school, the core of the Indian Education system. They want to equip every school with facilities rivaling the International school systems, driving innovation and creativity in young Indian Students and enabling unmatched opportunities and exposure to students via exclusive platforms.

They are supporting over 9000 schools and a staggering amount of 5 million students spread out across 20+ States of India. They aim to provide propulsive learning opportunities to over 26 million children by 2026.



Nushala is a full-stack credit platform for private schools. They provide financial support to budget schools in tier-2 cities. They are covering more than 20,000 students across schools to help school owners run schools smoothly and drive growth through focused execution. They are supported by investors like Kunal Shah, Amiya Pathak, and Mukesh Bansal. Nushala is making waves across the industry for its unique approach and has digitized more than 4.25 lakh budget schools within 2 years of its inception.


Source: PR Agency

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