Innovative ways CHROs have identified to boost employee engagement

Healthy employee engagement has become a critical aspect for corporations in today’s time, especially after the much-loved work from home period. Transparency, effective communication, positive relationships and flourishing work culture are key metrics that need to be considered by CHROs in order to build teams and attract/ retain employees.

Government bodies have taken into consideration the importance of employee engagement and to maintain efficacy with a positive impact in the market, companies are deriving innovative means. Mentioned below are brands helping the HR development in India by giving an innovative push for employees to sustain.


  1. HungerBox – A SaaS-based B2B food tech brand founded in 2016, HungerBox has revolutionized the cafeteria industry by amplifying the F&B experience at corporations. The brand has utilized food as an alluring tool to attract and retain employees through their offerings such as a ready F&B menu, order placing and order tracking through their app, over 50 payment options, activities such as food fests that excite the employees to come to office, etc. Furthermore, HungerBox offers a platform dedicated to each stakeholder where they can access multiple tools and get regular updates, all that has helped companies strengthen their F&B requirements and meet the employees’ needs.


  1. TeamLease HRtech – With Innovation as the core essence of the company and a motto of digitizing employees’ experience from pre-hire to post-retire, TeamLease HRtech offers comprehensive, cutting-edge HCM solutions for better employee engagement and management. The company says that wearable technology being developed by TeamLease HRtech will enable overall employee well-being. Additional information may be gathered with the employee’s consent in order to aid the AI-enabled system in focusing on the employee’s work-life balance.


  1. Worxogo – This Bangalore based brand, Worxogo, offers cutting edge behavior design and AI. The brand offers self-learning AI that not only learns and helps employees, but also provides them personalized coaching tips and rewards, extensively motivating them to perform better and enhance sales team productivity. Worxogo is a fast-growing company, offering its services in organizations across 5 countries.


  1. Plum – To ensure high employee satisfaction and productivity, Plum offers health insurance. Through the same, the brand recognizes the importance of a “health” for employees as teams and individuals as well as how the same can impact them as work. While offering the same at affordable prices to startups and corporates, Plum also provides other advantages like Mental Wellness, Dental Care, Doctor’s Consultation, Fitness and Nutrition and Health checkups.

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