Meet the top 5 insurtech start-ups redefining the insurance experience 

In the dynamic landscape of insurance, India has emerged as a thriving hub for insurtech innovation. With the second-largest insurtech market in the Asia-Pacific region, the country is witnessing a revolution in the way insurance is bought, managed, and experienced. As digital channels gain popularity and users demand greater convenience and accessibility, insurtech startups are stepping up to the challenge, providing self-service portals that cater to the evolving financial and insurance needs of Indian consumers.


In this listicle, we shine a spotlight on the top five Indian insurtech startups that are leading the charge in this transformative era. 

Acko: Redefining Insurance with Personalization and Speed

Acko, founded in 2017, is a disruptor that has reimagined the insurance landscape. The insurtech startup focuses on providing customized insurance products and a seamless claims experience. By utilizing advanced data analytics and AI algorithms, Acko tailors policies to match the specific requirements of individual customers, eliminating unnecessary coverage and reducing costs. Acko’s paperless processes and lightning-fast claim settlements have gained immense popularity among policyholders. The startup continuously pushes boundaries by introducing innovative offerings like micro-insurance and usage-based insurance, making insurance more affordable and accessible to all.

RenewBuy: Revolutionizing Insurance with Digital Convenience

RenewBuy, founded in 2015, is a trailblazing insurtech platform that prioritizes convenience and accessibility. The startup offers a wide range of insurance products, including car, two-wheeler, and health insurance. With a mission to simplify insurance for customers, RenewBuy leverages cutting-edge data analytics and technology to provide personalized policies that cater to each user’s unique needs. The platform’s user-friendly interface and streamlined claims process ensure a hassle-free experience. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to digital innovation, RenewBuy is making insurance accessible and convenient for all.

Riskcovry: Unlocking New Possibilities with ‘Insurance in a Box’

Founded in 2018 by a group of visionary entrepreneurs – Suvendu Prusty, Sorabh Bhandari, Chiranth Patil, and Vidya S. – Riskcovry, a leading insurtech startup, aims to transform insurance distribution into a seamless process similar to online payments. Their unified API enables businesses to easily distribute any insurance product through any channel, leveraging partnerships with 30+ insurers and access to 140+ products. With a plug-and-play integration, Riskcovry’s “insurance in a box” concept offers a comprehensive solution for all insurance distribution needs, providing convenient access to tech platforms, dashboards, and diverse insurance products in one place. Riskcovry envisions a future of efficient, accessible, and customer-centric insurance distribution.

Turtlemint: Empowering Customers with Simplified Insurance

Turtlemint, founded in 2015, is an insurtech platform that empowers customers to make informed decisions about their insurance needs. Specializing in health and motor insurance, Turtlemint enables users to compare policies from multiple insurers and gain a comprehensive understanding of their features. The startup’s proprietary technology simplifies the insurance buying process, making it accessible to individuals across various demographics. Additionally, Turtlemint’s digital claims assistance and personalized customer support have established them as a reliable and trustworthy player in the industry.

eBaoTech: Revolutionizing Insurance Technology Globally

Founded in the year 2000, eBaoTech has emerged as a global leader in insurance technology, with a mission to “make insurance easy.” eBaoTech offers a comprehensive suite of insurance software products that cater to the diverse needs of insurers. Their solutions cover areas such as policy administration, claims management, distribution management, underwriting, and customer relationship management. By leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing, and mobile applications.

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