Top Ed-Tech Companies Providing Data Science Courses for Professionals 

With a plethora of choices around, aspirants who want to excel in Data Science should choose a platform that offers practical exposure, hands-on training, and placement support among others.

With Data Science gaining prominence as a strategic tool, the scope and popularity of these courses among professionals are rising by the day. Aspirants are thronging institutions that offer training in data science although it’s critically important to choose the right platform to achieve the desired proficiency and skills in the discipline. While there are several options around, we come up with a list of leading Ed-Tech platforms that offer the best data science programs for aspirants. Read on to find out which one of these fits the bill for you:

1) Great Learning: Developed in collaboration with industry professionals, data science courses offered by the Great Learning platform equip aspirants with strong foundational knowledge, conceptual clarity, and practical applications of the concepts. Enrollees get industry exposure through corporate case studies, hands-on training, and corporate projects, thereby enabling them to understand how to apply data science tools in real-world situations. The program also allows candidates to have industry mentors which further strengthen the overall credentials of these programs.

2) Edvancer:  Completely designed, developed, and delivered by industry experts, data science programs from Edvancer can be easily considered among the best in the industry. Aspirants get hands-on training on how to use advanced tools such as Big Data, Python, Machine Learning, and R to build models and aid decision-making. The industry-focused approach of these programs is a standout feature and plays a crucial role in making aspirants future-ready leaders in their respective domains. In addition, Edvancer’s data science programs come with 100% career support and job assistance which means finding a career in a dream Data Science company won’t be a grind anymore.

3) upGrad: Depending upon the educational background and professional inclination, upGrad offers aspirants two different specializations in data science to choose from. There is a dedicated counselling cell that keeps track of the progress of every aspirant and offers holistic support including helping aspirants crack real-world opportunities by conducting their mock interviews. The platform has more than 300 hiring partners onboard which helps in the placement of students across different sectors for different roles. Besides, upGrad offers a 24*7 student support system that is proactive, prompt, and considerate in its approach towards the enrollees.

4) Coursera: Powered by a unique Skills Dashboard approach, Coursera allows aspirants to identify their skill gaps and accordingly choose the best data science program that matches their reskilling or upskilling requirements. Enrollees can choose from a range of popular courses including the ones offered by globally acclaimed universities and technology giants. These courses train professionals to use data for uncovering patterns, forecasting trends, and optimising workflows across the value chains. The programs also impart comprehensive knowledge of advanced learning algorithms, spatial analysis, and supervised machine learning for deploying data science models in practical corporate scenarios.

5) Udemy: Equipped with a 30-day-money back guarantee, Udemy offers data science programs that allow professionals to gain expertise in building, forecasting, and analyzing models across functional departments and operational domains. The aspirants get access to a wide range of data science courses and can choose to specialize in a specific field that is aligned with their background, skills, and current level of expertise. Aspirants start with a basic understanding of collecting, analyzing, and evaluating the data and go on to build advanced statistical models using R, Python, and SQL among others.

Data Science programs can significantly boost the career progress and growth of professionals across the industrial sectors and service domains. These programs are in high demand and by equipping aspirants with the right skills and competencies, these courses open new avenues of opportunities for working professionals. However, to derive maximum benefits from such programs, it’s essential to choose the right EdTech platform that offers holistic knowledge and training on the discipline. The options listed above make for a good choice and depending on your priorities, aspirations, and background, you can pick anyone to power your career and realize your full potential in the field of Data Science.

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