Best Car Rentals in India

In recent times, car rentals have become a buzzing trend in India. Although it’s still a developing market, there are a few service providers that have raced ahead and peddled themselves better in the field; utilising the available technology to the fullest. With these rentals providers, you do not have to worry about going anywhere as they give you all the much-desired freedom and flexibility that you want while traveling.

Here we bring to you a list of best car rentals available in India, to ease your vacation and business travels. You can make your travel serener as you compare prices online for various car rental services before opting for the one that suits your needs.


One of the largest transportation network companies, Uber started with their rental services in India under the name of uberHIRE. They are best when you have to make multiple stops on your way. You can book any uber on an hourly basis and hold on to your uber for a while. They also offer services for outstation cabs that can be booked if you are traveling out of the city. You can also avail discounts of up to 25% while hiring uber


This is another transportation network company which offers rentals services apart from the pre-existing cab services. They offer rental services for intracity and intercity travel at very competitive prices. Customers can rent cars on an hourly basis or for point-to-point intercity travel. They also have very competitive pricing which makes them one of the most popular rental services. Ola has discounts running on rentals as well and you can avail discounts of up to 35% when you book outstation rentals.


They offer short term as well as long term car rentals. The cars that they offer vary from hatchbacks to SUVs. They have been in the rental operations for quite a while now and claim to have served for over a million miles. They have various partners who provide cars on rent through the Myles platform. They are one of the first selection when it comes to selecting cars for a long trip duration since the plans that they have are very much reasonable and pocket-friendly.


Revv renders car rental service and also offers a monthly subscription service SWITCH. With Revv you can either rent a car for a certain duration or subscribe to a certain car on a monthly basis. They have a lot of variety in cars which are maintained in an optimum condition which happens to be a unique selling point for them. You do not have to select a pickup point as well since they deliver the car at your doorstep.



Based out of Bangalore, Zoomcar offers rentals and subscription services like some of the other car rental services. Renting the same is very easy and you have to just register yourself and upload a copy of your driving license. After placing a refundable deposit with them and pick up a car from any of the pick-up points available near your location. They have a variety of cars and all these cars suit different purposes and can be booked for longer distances as well. Zoomcar also provides discounts on refundable deposit and booking amount and the discounts range from 10% to 25%.

The car rental phenomenon is still growing in India but availing these services make sure that you spend only for the distance that you are traveling. Now, easily go out on a trip or attend back to back meetings with ease when you choose any of these car rental services.

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