Indian Logistics Companies Spearheading Supply Chain Sustainability for Freight Carbon Footprint Reduction

In an era marked by increased environmental consciousness and the need to address climate change, the logistics sector stands as a pivotal arena for transformative change. As supply chains extend their global reach, concerns about carbon emissions and their impact on the environment have escalated. In response, a new wave of Indian logistics startups is emerging as trailblazers, propelling innovative solutions to combat the freight industry’s carbon footprint.



FreightFox is a tech-driven Indian logistics startup, that leverages data from ULIP, to unlock precise insights into transportation and logistics. By harnessing data-driven insights from ULIP, FreightFox optimizes transport routes while actively measuring and mitigating its carbon footprint. They also identify pollution sources, notably older vehicles, by employing a combination of Machine Learning and geospatial data. Its strategy encompasses two key facets: the seamless integration of eco-friendly alternatives and the design of environmentally conscious routes, all while maintaining punctuality.



Evify is a Tech braced Logistics start-up with the mission to bring an unorganised and unsystematic Indian logistics sector on a digital transparent platform while being environmentally sustainable in ways of conducting operations. Their vision is to become a one stop – environment friendly – end-to-end logistics solutions provider – be it vehicles, charging stations, tech or green warehouses space provider.



Set-up in 2021 to deliver Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) & Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) to industries in off-gas-grid locations, quicker and safer, GreenLine is a leading transporter of LNG across the country. GreenLine is committed to reimagining energy for people and our planet, to spearhead environment friendly growth, reduce carbon emissions and improve people’s lives through innovative green mobility solutions


Freight Tiger

Freight Tiger built an intelligent operating system that includes a technology platform, an on ground control tower, and a digital freight network. Together, they streamline every step of the logistics process. TMS and visibility platforms provide much-required tracking and E2E digitization, which harness efficiencies and reduce waste

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