Most Affordable high- performance electric cycles in India

Electronic cycles offer a powerful blend of modern technology and classic cycling joy. These eco- friendly companies seamlessly conquer distances, navigate terrains and promote well- being with assisted pedaling. Affordable, accessible, and diverse, electric cycles are poised to transform the way we move, creating a greener,healthier future, one ride at a time.  

We have narrowed down the list of the electric cycles in India.

Sr. No Brand Approximate Price
1.EMotorad X124,999
2Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bicycle/Bike6,200
3Lifelong MTB 26T Gear Cycle7,000
4Geekay Hashtag 26T6,000
CRADIAC – Xplorer8,500
6Leader Beast 26T Multispeed (7 speed) Mountain Bike 7,000

EMotorad X1

The X1 electric cycle surpasses conventional limitations, delivering unmatched versatility and performance tailored for the intrepid rider. Meticulously engineered to effortlessly traverse urban environments and rugged off-road terrain, its resilient design instills unwavering confidence throughout every excursion. Empowered by a robust 7.65 Ah battery, this cycle enables extended rides at speeds up to 25 km/h, boasting a range exceeding 40 km. More than a mere mode of transportation, the X1 serves as a conduit to exploration, expanding the horizons of your cycling endeavors.


Leader Scout MTB 26T Mountain Bicycle/Bike

The Leader Scout MTB 26T is one of the best bicycles in India and offers a great riding experience for men 10 years and older. This mountain bicycle features an 18-inch frame for maximum comfort and a beautiful Sea Green/Black color scheme. It perfectly combines performance and safety thanks to a front suspension, a single-speed drivetrain, and a powerful front disc brake. The Leader Scout offers a comfortable and safe riding experience, whether on rough terrain or on the streets of big cities, making it one of the most popular bicycles on the dynamic Indian bicycle market.


Lifelong MTB 26T Gear Cycle

Experience the epitome of cycling excellence with the Lifelong MTB 26T Gear Cycle, suitable for both men and women. This 26-inch steel MTB marvel boasts 21-speed Shimano gears, ensuring a smooth ride on any terrain. Designed for unisex adults seeking unparalleled performance, it features dual disc brakes for optimal control and safety. With an 18″ frame, this cycle prioritizes efficiency and comfort. Easy assembly, with 85% delivered pre-assembled, and installation support available nationwide further enhance the user experience. Elevate your cycling adventures with this Indian-made bicycle, combining thrill and precision with every pedal stroke.


Geekay Hashtag 26T

Discover the ultimate cycling adventure with the Geekay Hashtag 26T Single Speed Cycle in elegant white. Tailor-made for discerning riders, this bicycle combines style and substance stance to deliver the best cycling experience in India. With its 26T frame and best dual disc brakes, it guarantees a safe and exciting ride. The simple single-speed gearing makes it perfect for riders of all abilities. Elevate your cycling escapades with the best bicycle in India, the Geekay Hashtag. It is a seamless fusion of performance, aesthetics, and quality, ready to accompany you on countless memorable rides.


CRADIAC – Xplorer

The CRADIAC Xplorer is the pinnacle of cycling excellence in India. Embark on an amazing bike ride with him Designed for demanding riders, this 29 MTB single-speed bicycle in stylish BLACK is the epitome of form and function. It has been carefully designed with a strong suspension fork and dual DISC brakes for greater control and safety. The double-walled metal rim guarantees reliability and durability on any surface. Suitable for both men and women, the CRADIAC Xplorer sets new standards for cycling and offers the best riding experience in India. Enhance your rides with a fusion of unmatched quality, performance, and aesthetics.


Leader Beast 26T Multispeed (7 Speed) Mountain Bike

With the Leader Beast 26T Multi Speed Mountain Bike you can give free rein to your inner explorer. This bicycle, designed for adventure seekers ages 12 and up, has a sturdy 18-inch frame with an eye-catching MATT Black/SEA Green paint job. The front suspension and 7-speed gears ensure a smooth ride on a variety of terrain. The dual disc brakes provide reliable stopping power for safety on every descent. Choose the Leader Beast for the best mountain bicycle experience and enjoy the outdoors with a bicycle that combines performance, durability, and style.


Source: PR Agency