Top 4 Influencer Marketing Platforms Helping Brands This Festive Season

Today, influencer marketing is arguably one of the most integral parts of the marketing industry, that brands utilize in order to connect with their customers as well as make more sales during the festive season. The world of social media has brought about many more platforms that support businesses in finding the right influencers for their campaigns and ensuring their success. This listicle will look at the top five influencer marketing platforms that are helping brands this holiday season.


Kofluence is one of the top influencer marketing platforms in the field that assists brands in collaborating with top influencers, active on multiple major networks and social media platforms. They create disruptive SaaS products that pave the path beyond brand collaborations and their AI-led platform researches the influencers’ demographics, engagement scores, and market spaces of content creators to match business campaigns with suitable partners. Kofluence helps in measuring holiday campaign performance by offering comprehensive analytics and tracking tools. The platform’s technology-driven connected marketplace links up brands as well as social media users and enables them to select those with whom they would like to do business. Over 550K creators have so far jumped on board and as a pioneer in influencer-marketing technology, Kofluence boasts of 6Bn+ followers.

DRIM Global:

DRIM Global, trusted by brands, has a wide net of influencers working in different geographical locations and markets. Brands should ensure that they have comprehensive influencer profiles and performance metrics in order to choose appropriate influencers for their holiday season campaigns. DRIM Global also provides a customization option for crafting personalized campaigns based on the specific brand and objectives.

Viral Pitch:

Viral Pitch concentrates on micro-influencers who have relatively small audiences yet are comprised of loyal members. Therefore, brands seeking to be more genuine and exclusive can use Viral Pitch to interface with micro-phenomena that will generate compelling adverts in the period of celebration seasons. It provides a cost-effective solution hence suited for brands that have different prices.

Voxxy Media:

Voxxy Media is an all-round influencer marketing platform, which allows brands to run a complete campaign throughout the holiday period. The right people with the most influence on their target audience are identified by Voxxy Media’s Top Influencer Network. It provides content creation services, conduct of campaigns, and deep analytics for evaluating campaigns and performance.

Influencer marketing platforms are paramount as they link the right influencer with the Brands during the preparations for celebrating the festive occasion as they plan for the holiday season. Kofluence, ETML, DRIM Global, Viral Pitch, and Voixy media are paving the way for the brands to help in the marketing strategies and benefit the festive season’s potential. Therefore, using these platforms will enable the brands to realize a broader market coverage and branding and, as a result, will lead to increased sales and development of their business this festive period and subsequent ones.

Source: PR Agency