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Unplug and Unwind: The 7 meditation apps for people seeking mindfulness

Today’s rapidly evolving and fast-tracked lifestyle can play havoc with the minds of people and make it cumbersome to find peace and serenity. Thinking and acting beyond a set routine can be a challenge, especially amid a rise in mental health concerns in society, most of which go unnoticed and untreated. Mercifully, technological spillover and advancement have come to society’s rescue. Now, one can find a variety of meditation applications online, that are suitable for first-time meditators and experienced alike. This mindfulness day, for those looking forward to unplugging and...

Top 5 meditation techniques that can help alleviate hypertension, stress, and anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and hypertension are now widespread health problems that impact millions of individuals globally in today's fast-paced society. Meditation has been long known as a powerful practice to manage these problems. This ancient practice comes in a host of forms and below are five of the most popular meditation techniques people use to reduce stress, anxiety, and hypertension.   Raman Mittal is the Co-Founder of Idanim, an Indian-origin meditation app, and also a trained meditation practitioner. He has shared 5 meditation techniques like Mindfulness Meditation, Love- Kindness Meditation, etc....