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Collaborative Automation: The Future of Industry Takes Center Stage at Collaborate INDIA 2024, the Region’s Largest Cobot Conference

Industrial automation has become the cornerstone of economic transformation, reshaping industries, and economies worldwide. With technological advancements and the widespread adoption of automation solutions, industries across various sectors are experiencing heightened efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. The Indian industrial landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift, fuelled by automation technologies that promise to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes. As the country aims to solidify its position as a global manufacturing hub, initiatives such as 'Make in India' have spurred the adoption of automation technologies, propelling the manufacturing sector's growth trajectory. According to a...
Case Studies

Nissan Motor Company : How collaborative robots helped in production of Electric and Hybrid cars

Nissan Motor Company THE SHORT STORY With an aging workforce and a need to cut extra spending on relief workers due to inefficient production processes, Nissan motor company implemented Universal Robots’ UR10 cobot systems. THE CHALLENGE As one of the most recognisable car brands in the world, Nissan Motor Company was facing a problem. In addition to a need for more streamlined production processes at its Yokohama large-scale plant, it was facing up to the reality of an aging workforce and loss of vital skills. Manufacturing engines and parts for...