Blockchain Council: Leading the Way in Deep Tech Learning and Certification

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Pradeep Aswal, CEO, Blockchain Council.


Question 1: Please tell us about the Blockchain Council, its origins, and inspiration behind its origin?

The Blockchain Council was founded in 2017 by a group of industry leaders and enthusiasts. We identified the vast potential of Blockchain technology and felt a compelling need to disseminate this knowledge to a wider audience. Our primary goal was simple: showcase the revolutionary power of Blockchain to the global community. And then we welcomed AI and Web3 as they started revolutionizing the world.

To actualize our vision, we introduced a myriad of resources, from webinars to certifications, aiming to foster an environment ripe for Blockchain, AI and Web3 innovation. One of the Council’s standout attributes is its impartiality. We recognize the distinct intricacies of each Blockchain scenario and strive to provide tailored insights rather than blanket solutions.

Our motivation for creating the Blockchain Council was twofold. Firstly, we aimed to amplify the awareness of these technologies and their remarkable capabilities. Secondly, given the swift evolution in the Blockchain sphere, we saw an urgent need for a guiding platform that could offer education and community. Our driving force was a profound desire to deepen the comprehension of deep tech, enabling individuals to utilize its benefits and instigate significant advancements across diverse sectors.


Question 2: Why is Al certification considered crucial in the current technology landscape?

AI certification is crucial in the current technology landscape because it demonstrates a candidate’s proficiency in this field. As AI continues to be adopted by more and more industries, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with the skills and knowledge to develop and implement AI solutions. With more and more people pursuing careers in AI, it’s important to have something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

AI certification is a great way to show potential employers that you have the skills and knowledge they’re looking for. Certified tech professionals earn an average of 8 to 10% more than their non-certified peers. So, I would encourage anyone who is interested in a career in AI to pursue certification. It is a great way to invest in your skills and future.


Question 3: How does this Al certification program align with the evolving needs of various industries for Al expertise?

Our AI certifications are designed to align with the evolving needs of various industries.Each of our certifications are designed by experts. They cover a broad range of AI topics. Through our AI certifications we teach everything from machine learning, deep learning, to natural language processing, and generative AI This ensures that certified individuals have the skills and knowledge needed to apply AI to a variety of real-world problems. Second, we regularly update our certification program to reflect the latest advances in AI technology.

For example, with the increasing popularity of Bard and ChatGPT, we introduced two certifications that cover a-z of these tools. We also brought a prompt engineering certification that will help individuals to master any prompt-based tool. This ensures that our certified individuals are always up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the field. Finally, our certification is recognized by employers around the world. This gives our certified individuals a competitive advantage in the market and opens up new career opportunities. And you can get access to these certifications from anywhere around the world and can complete them according to your own schedule.


Question 4: How does having an Al certification impact a candidate’s earning potential in the job market?

Having an AI certification can have a significant impact on a candidate’s earning potential in the job market. As I said earlier, AI certified professionals earn on an average of 10% more than non-certified professionals. This is because AI is a highly in-demand skill. And employers are willing to pay a premium for candidates with certified AI expertise.

In addition to this, AI certification can also help candidates land jobs at top tech companies and qualify for more senior positions. For example, an AI certified software engineer may be more likely to be promoted to a higher position or land a job at a top company like Google or Amazon. As a certified AI professional you can even command a higher salary in negotiations. When you are interviewing for a job, having an AI certification can give you a huge advantage over other candidates and help you negotiate a higher salary.


Question 5: What unique features or offerings does Blockchain Council provide that set it apart from other platforms in the field of deep tech learning?

There are tons of certification providers these days. So, I understand if someone comes up wondering why Blockchain Council?

Blockchain Council is a globally recognized organization. Since our starting days we have been dedicated to not only teaching but also creating global leaders. Today, we have over 50,000 certified individuals who are excelling in the field of deep tech. We understand that the field of deep tech is constantly evolving. And that’s why we have curated more than 50 certifications to cover all the in-demand skills and help individuals.

You can enroll for our training programs from anywhere in the world. The programs are self-paced so you can learn at your own speed. Our expertise lies in our dedication to empower individuals for the digital revolution. We provide 24/7 live support to help out learners as per their convenience, and we don’t leave their side even when they are done with the certification. The course material is available to the learner for a lifetime at no extra cost. One will also get access to exclusive content like podcasts, e-books, etc. as a learner at the Blockchain Council. We are here to create the leaders of the digital world and we are successfully doing it. So, if someone wants to be one of them, then Blockchain Council is the right place for you.


Question 6: How does the integration of Blockchain and Al address existing challenges or gaps in various industries?

The integration of Blockchain and AI has the potential to address a number of existing challenges or gaps in various industries. Take supply chain management for example. We are always worried if the food we are eating or the goods we are using are even original.  Blockchain can be used to track the movement of goods through a supply chain, from raw materials to finished products. This can help to improve transparency and accountability. This will reduce the risk of fraud and counterfeiting. Now coming to AI, it can be used to analyze the data collected on the Blockchain to identify patterns and trends. This can help businesses to improve their supply chain management by reducing costs significantly.

Walmart is already using Blockchain to track the movement of food products through its supply chain. This helps to ensure that food is safe and fresh and the use of Blockchain and AI is not limited to the private sector. Several governments are planning to integrate AI and Blockchain for better productivity. China is expected to see a 26% growth in their GDP due to the use of AI.

There was a growing concern that some deep tech technologies will replace humans. I think that’s not the scenario. Using generative AI tools in businesses improves users’ productivity by 66%. Adn Blockchain has a near-perfect security cross. So, imagine how much positive effect it can bring if we combine these two in various industries. You get better productivity, and output at a more secure and transparent environment.


Question 7: Can you provide examples of real-world applications where the combination of Blockchain and Al has proven to be exceptionally beneficial?

Yes, let’s take the example of J.P. Morgan Onyx. It is a Blockchain platform that is being used to develop new financial products. It is a new payment system that is faster and more secure than traditional payment methods. To make things even better J.P. Morgan uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect fraud and improve security. This makes the services by J.P. Morgan way more reliable to its clients than its competitors. The company is using Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to provide a safe, and secure platform without compromising with speed and quality of the service.


Question 8: How do you envision Blockchain Council shaping the future of Blockchain technology education and how do you think it will help development in careers of a professional?

Blockchain Council is already playing a leading role in shaping the future of deep technology education. Blockchain is one of our expertise. We are constantly developing innovative new certifications and interactive live training programs. These will make Blockchain education accessible to everyone. We always come up with innovative ideas to make the learning process more effective. We don’t just teach we provide hands-on experience for the learners to actively apply what they learn with us.

Blockchain Council can help professionals develop their careers in a number of ways. First, it provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to land jobs in the deep tech industry. Second, it helps them to advance their careers within their current organizations. Third, it gives them the credibility they need to be successful. Fourth, it helps them to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.

In the future, I see Blockchain Council continuing to expand its reach and impact. With the advancement in technology, we will upgrade ourselves to help out more and more individuals and businesses. We will also work to make deep tech education more accessible to people. We are confident that Blockchain Council will continue to play a leading role in shaping the future of deep education and helping professionals develop their careers.




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