Bootstrapped Startup uKnowva plans to make a conversational HRMS and deploy it across channels like WhatsApp

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with  Mr. Vicky Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, uKnowva HRMS
  1. Tell us about uKnowva?

uKnowva is a mobile enabled smart HRMS software available on cloud and on-premise, helping businesses to scale and automate everyday business operations. It can take care of all the core HR tasks, payroll management, employee engagement, performance management, onboarding, and so on, making it a strong contender for one of the best HRMS software in India. With 360-degree AI-backed solutions, it has the capability to digitally transform businesses of the present and future. Some of its features include: Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll management, Performance management, Employee engagement, AI-driven People Analytics, Attendance and Leave management, Employee helpdesk, eLMS, Social Intranet, and Extension store to help improve operational efficiencies.

  1. How can HRMS be cost-effective during inflation?

In light of the rising inflationary pressure, HR professionals should assess the situation from an organisation’s point of view. They should find solutions which benefit employees but at the same time the solutions should not result in loss for an organisation. That’s where HRMS can help provide innovation and also increase productivity. In order to support business continuity and customer satisfaction management, HR departments are working hard to engage and retain current employees as well as hire new talent. Many companies have opted for a hybrid workplace strategy that gives staff members some scope to work from home. The HRMS places a strong emphasis on giving all internal stakeholders a seamless hybrid experience that allows for enhanced flexibility—a potent approach to compensation without raising pay.

  1. How does an end-to-end HRMS satisfy the expanding demands of contemporary workplaces?

The coronavirus epidemic has fundamentally changed how we work, necessitating remote work. The pandemic has also shown us that remote working has many more benefits than drawbacks and can undoubtedly be utilised on a much wider scale. However, on the other hand, employees report feeling lonely and having poor communication, which results in boredom and decreased productivity. This is where the role of HRMS comes into the picture. In order to keep their employees more engaged, businesses must now make a significant investment in a comprehensive and powerful human resource management system (HRMS). One of the biggest benefits of a human resource management system is the accessibility it offers. More than a necessity, this becomes an incentive in a remote work environment. This also gives employees the flexibility to track their work hours, attendance, or leaves. Moreover, it also aids in real-time feedback. An employee, especially a new hire, may benefit most from immediate feedback or assessment. The employee feels valued right away, which will increase their engagement. Also, introducing social tools like surveys and polls in your HRMS can boost employee engagement.

This can be an effective tool to gauge the employees mood and morale. HRMS is also a place where employees can view their employee benefits like medical-claims and other incentives. This shows an organisation’s commitment towards its workforce, giving them transparency surrounding all information.

  1. Why does your HR department need Digital Transformation for employee management?

Face-to-face communication and paper files are the mainstays of traditional human resources procedures, but things may rapidly get disorganised. Additionally, it prevents them from setting up a remote or hybrid office. Moving such procedures to a tech-based system is part of the HR digital transformation, but this phenomena goes beyond the simple adoption of new technology. Additionally, it is employed to enhance organisational culture, support corporate objectives, and promote flexibility within the HR division. Increased employee engagement, data-driven decision-making, improved payroll processes, and a quicker hiring process are some of the biggest advantages of digital transformation.

  1. How HR Tech companies are attracting investors & innovation with the change in workplaces?

Despite the fact that economic conditions have slowed some tech markets’ accelerated trends and growth that COVID brought about, the elements that fueled expansion in HR technology have, thus far, been unaffected by the softening economy. HR executives are becoming more interested in offering employees technology that can help with skill-upgradation, leadership development and employee mental wellbeing. This sparked an increase in investment through 2021 that persisted through 2022-23. As the employment market remains extremely competitive, innovative models for finding and hiring people continue to attract investors and buyers.

  1. What is the future of the Workplace with AI & Automation taking the lead in every aspect of life?

Humans always have one main concern in mind when thinking about the potential of AI: Will I lose my career to robots? The majority of experts concur that humans will still be an essential component of the workforce. As an increasing number of the workforce tasks become automated, people will be free to focus on solving creative problems, which is what we all do best and what makes us the happiest. It’s true that certain occupations may vanish, but there will also be new ones that will involve working especially with AI. Many jobs will become more rewarding as people perform their work alongside AI, solving problems in new and exciting ways. Technology will also expand the abilities of workers to take on bigger and better tasks. Technology will allow everyone to do things that weren’t simply possible before.

  1. What are features that are liked by your clients the most in India and KSA?

Some of the most liked features by our clients in India and KSA include:

  • Flexibility: Our flexible architecture provides robust customisations and hassle-free configurations as per each organisation’s requirements.

  • Ease of Use: Our HRMS provides intuitive and interactive business-tech solutions to companies for seamless everyday operational and client management experiences.

  • Employee Engagement: With our social intranet, organisations can  conduct surveys, and publish polls to maintain a connection across the whole company, which is the best way to create a sense of unity. It also provides real-time performance evaluations and peer feedback, and employee satisfaction surveys which help ensure that employees feel valued and engaged.

  • eLMS: It allows managers to optimise training activities and manage the company’s L&D (Learning and Development) functions.

  • Extension Store: We have over one hundred useful apps in our extension store which can help businesses in numerous ways.

  1. What are your future plans?

We are planning to extend in different geographies and focusing on strategic alliances for better market penetration. Other than that, we plan to make a conversational HRMS out of our existing bots and deploy it across different channels like WhatsApp. Additionally, we also plan to leverage the availability of AI-driven intelligent and insightful data in uKnowva to create better prediction algorithms and induce more intelligence using ML/AI. We have already started working on these things but they’re still in the developmental phase. This will help us improve the accuracy and efficiency of our HRMS and allow us to introduce new features to manage attendance in a much better manner via geo-locations, AI algorithms, etc.

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