From an ordinary Alwar boy to becoming an entrepreneur, Karmesh Gupta, CEO and Co-founder at WiJungle

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Karmesh Gupta, CEO and Co-founder at WiJungle– World’s first unified network security gateway


Could you kindly share a brief about your business venture?

A– WiJungle is a Unified Network Security Gateway that enables organizations to manage and secure their entire network through a single window. All In One Appliance not only simplifies the management but also cuts the cost of investment by up to 60%. Data Security Council of India recognized WiJungle as among the Most Innovative Product of The Year 2018. Being an initiative under “Make in India”, WiJungle, the only prominent player in the Unified Network Security space, has emerged as the Government’s New Face of Cyber Security. It is extensively serving more than 15 ministries & the PMO in the central government along with numerous state-level organizations.


From an ordinary Alwar boy to becoming an entrepreneur, kindly tell us about your journey?

A-I started my journey in the second semester of B.Tech when I got the opportunity to work with Rajasthan Royals as a CSR Executive. Since then, there was no looking back and establishing milestones every day. Due to my keen interest in Cyber Security, I completed his certification in ethical hacking and joined Lucideus Technology as an analyst. Thereafter I served as COO at Decent Solutions, Gwalior, and then later co-founded the startup – HttpCart Technologies (A leading IT product company) in Oct. 2014. In April 2015, HttpCart became the first ever Indian private company to launch a completely Free WiFi – “WiJungle” as a 24*7 monitoring service providers. WiJungle now is a Unified Network Security Gateway Appliance that enables organizations to manage and secure their entire network through a single window. Being the only all-in-one product, WiJungle has a customer base across 25+ countries worldwide.


What was your opinion on “Chat GPT” in terms of cyber security?

A-Despite the fact that ChatGPT is miles ahead of the traditional rule-based and even AI chatbots that businesses are now utilizing, industry analysts believe it will take some time for the AI-powered chatbot to gain widespread adoption but just after a week of using, we can saw many cyber attacks and also this is a threat to cybersecurity too. Well we can wait for this to get mature enough.


Being an entrepreneur, what are some of your strengths & weaknesses?

A-Being an entrepreneur is like having all the glory and blame at the same time but the best part of the ZERO to TOP journey was that we could paint our dreams on a blank canvas. Like your thoughts take the form of a startup or oraganisation.You start with an idea in your head, you design, build, and execute it. Well if I say i think my strengths will be confidence and my determination though on the other hand still i am trying to manage personal and work life balance.


What are the top three traits needed to succeed as an entrepreneur?

A-Passionate, Hard working, Determination and intelligence are the qualities that every entrepreneur should have and I think with the time I also learnt all these qualities because I think a good entrepreneur always adapts to their surrounding environments and motivates the team to succeed together.


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