How BatX Energies is Transforming Old Batteries into Sustainable Energy Solutions

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview withUtkarsh Singh, Co-founder & CEO, BatX Energies and Vikrant Singh, Co-founder & CTO, BatX Energies


  1. Tell us about how BatX Energies recycles batteries. What makes their procedure different from traditional methods?

At BatX Energies, our battery recycling method stands out through the innovative Reverse Logistics HUB & SPOKE Model, allowing global sourcing of lithium-ion cells with an emphasis on ethical procurement. The integration of advanced technologies like AI, ML, and Blockchain ensures heightened efficiency and safety. Upon arrival, a rigorous testing and segregation process evaluates quality, charge levels, and chemistry. Our Net Zero Waste, Zero Emissions initiative underscores our commitment to sustainability by consciously discharging remaining energy for plant power.

Then we have a seven-layer mechanical process that efficiently separates high-grade Black Mass with minimal impurities, and secondary products like plastic, aluminum, steel, and copper are systematically collected.

In our chemical (hydrometallurgical) process, we use reusable chemicals, resulting in high-grade salts of rare earth metals, such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese. These metals are then ready for reintroduction into the manufacturing supply chain. BatX Energies takes pride in leading the way in sustainable battery recycling, addressing global pollution and landfill waste challenges.


  1. With the recent funding, how does BatX Energies plan to use the $5 million from the pre-series A round?

We are strategically directing these funds towards two key pillars: market expansion and scaling up our recycling operations across India. Our primary goal is to reduce India’s dependence on critical materials imports by championing domestic production through recycling.

The investment is pivotal in scaling up our Hydrogen electrode-based critical material extraction and refining capacities. We are also channeling resources into commercial Research and Development for the development of Precursor Cathode Active Materials (PCAM) from recycled battery minerals, showcasing our dedication to innovation.

This infusion of capital signifies our unwavering commitment to reshaping the energy sector and contributing significantly to a circular economy. Ultimately, we aim to provide a full-stack recycling and refurbishing solution for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers.”


  1. In working with MG Motor, what is BatX Energies’ role in creating India’s first off-grid solar-EV charging station? And, what makes this station different from regular EV charging stations?

BatX Energies, in collaboration with MG Motor, plays a crucial role in creating India’s first off-grid solar-EV charging station. The innovative second-life battery storage system, developed with support from Delhi Research Implementation and Innovation, repurposes used MG EV batteries. This off-grid solar EV charging station, currently in the industrialization phase, utilizes a scalable second-life battery system starting at 20kWh, supported by 6.6kW of solar power. Notably, it stands out from regular charging stations by operating independently off-grid, showcasing a transformative approach to sustainable energy solutions, generating approximately 40kWh daily and providing a green alternative for two- to four-wheelers.


  1. Is BatX Energies looking to team up with other brands to expand solar EV charging stations? If so, what factors are they considering when choosing potential partners?

We are actively forging partnerships to expand solar EV charging stations, taking a significant stride in sustainable mobility and underlining our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. As pioneers of this initiative, we foresee collaborative ventures with OEMs, aiming to reshape the landscape of India’s electric vehicle infrastructure. Our criteria for potential partners include a shared dedication to sustainable practices, innovation, and a mutual commitment to advancing the adoption of clean energy solutions. Through these collaborations, we are poised to drive transformative changes in India’s EV sector, marking a crucial step towards a greener and more sustainable future.


  1. As a major supplier of eco-friendly battery solutions, how does BatX Energies plan to support the growth of the electric vehicle industry in India?

At the core of our strategy is a relentless focus on innovative battery technology. We are dedicated to optimizing energy density and charging efficiency, ensuring that our battery solutions align with the evolving needs of the dynamic EV landscape. Through seamless collaborations with OEMs, we integrate advanced batteries seamlessly into vehicle models, contributing to the overall integration of sustainable energy solutions.

Recognizing the critical importance of charging infrastructure, we actively participate in its development. This includes the establishment of off-grid solar stations, addressing range concerns and ensuring a more comprehensive and sustainable charging network. Our dedication to propelling the EV industry forward rests on a strategic blend of innovation, affordability, and sustainable practices, as we contribute to shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future for mobility in India.