Know how AI and ML are going to transform the HR & skilling sector: Mr. Yogesh Sood, Chairman and Managing Director, BYLD Group

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Yogesh Sood, Chairman and Managing Director, BYLD Group.

  1. Tell us about BYLD Group, its business model and operations.

BYLD Group is the largest group in the South Asian region to provide value added services in professional areas of HR, business operations and related areas. BYLD was founded in 1998.. We provide comprehensive and effective personal, professional, and organizational solutions. We are partners to leading global players spearheading in the field of coaching, leadership development and trainings, and staffing. We are responsible for bringing them to India.

We operate through direct and indirect channels. Today we have 300 employees with all the business units having their own operational teams as well as back-end teams. With our partnerships with global brands like Ken Blanchard, Crucial Learning (formerly known as Vital Smarts), Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviors (A Wiley Product), Eagle’s Flight, Trapologist at Work, Yoma, Tirian and Jenson8, and more partnerships in the pipeline, we have a plethora of services to holistically cater organizations.


  1. What are the unique key points of your company? 

BYLD Group stands out with the advantage of the plethora of services it offers. Catering to all industries, our services and offerings include programs, trainings, assessments, addressing the needs of every level of the organization starting from front desk to C-Suite, in varied industries. Other than that, we also provide staffing. Thus, BYLD Group is a one stop destination for organizations looking for services in areas of HR, business operations; a comprehensive provider of personal, professional and organizational effective solutions.


  1. How are you different from the existing competitors? Would you say you use tech to differentiate from your competitors and stay ahead of the curve? What kind of tech do you use?

BYLD Group is the only company in India that offers a plethora of services under one umbrella. There is no such competition per se. Although several companies operate in the same domain, BYLD Group has an edge. There is no such single entity offering such comprehensive services under one basket. Our varied services include leadership development, staffing, assessments, coaching, and so forth under one roof.

Our sustainable competitive advantage is that – first, our international alliances help us get access to well researched global curriculum verified across cultures. Second, our team of consultants with more than 2000+ hours of accumulative experience in consulting, who can localize, adapt, and even curate new courses. Third, is the infrastructure, and the support teams that we have in terms of the diversified portfolio we offer. Fourth, our unique partnerships across the globe.

The other thing that sets us apart is that we are building our own platforms and applications in-house, as we understand that technology and automation is the future.

With YOMA business solution, we provide third-party manpower services to corporate clients across PAN India. Our company’s success is based on continuous innovation and improvement in our processes. And automation keeps us ahead of the competition. All of our business and processes are run on an in-house developed automated system called “Proanto,” which provides real-time data analytics with all reports uploaded using the robust inbuilt software. YOMA technologies on the other hand is a SaaS based company.


  1. How is AI and ML going to transform the HR & skilling sector? Have you integrated or are planning to integrate these technologies into your business model to be future ready?

We recognize how the world is already in the phase of transition since the inception of AI and ML. We are already in the process of integrating, and are designing platforms which are in the testing phase.

Our strategic focus and shift is on technology and optimum utilization of digital, social media, artificial intelligence and designing our own platforms.


  1. What challenges are you facing in running your business?

There has been a major shift due to the pandemic. One of the major challenges faced especially in professional services is that of slow recovery, due to which the productivity and finances are under stress. It has also resulted in both high employee turnover as well as high attrition rate in every industry. With the onset of the Great Resignation, the world saw employees choosing to leave an organization, which of course, was a phase of great concern for organizations. Having said that, the attrition rate was high, which also created a lot of job opportunities.


  1. What are the traction details (achievements of the company)?

We have some exclusive partnerships with renowned global brands like the Ken Blanchard, Crucial Learning (formerly known as VitalSmarts), Eagle’s Flight, Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviours (a Wiley Brand) to name a few. We are the only company offering a plethora of services under one roof; a one-stop destination for all your leadership development, business productivity solutions and HR requirements. This integration of brands and partnerships with global brands is what sets us apart from others.

We are an aggressively growing company with an aggressive hiring process. We are also expanding our channel partners, and adding new products and partnerships. With the constant addition of new global partners like Jenson8, which is a UK based company providing leadership training through VR, and Tirian, an Australian based company, which harps upon exploring your creativity and innovation quotient. These are a few brands which we are the only partners of in India. Our focus is to continue being the only organization to offer complete business productivity and HR related services.

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