Quess Corp leverages Oracle Cloud HCM to create transformational people’s experience

In a recent conversation with CXOToday, Ruchi Ahluwalia, CHRO, Quess Corp, one of India’s leading business service providers offering a host of technology-enabled staffing and managed outsourcing services discusses how Oracle has transformed their employee processes. She also shed light on how key applications like Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) have benefitted Quess Corp in the smooth transitioning of their HR to Cloud.


  1. Please give a brief overview of your global and India operations.

We are one of the leading providers of business services in India, leveraging extensive domain knowledge and future-ready digital platforms to increase client productivity through outsourced solutions. We offer a wide range of technology-enabled staffing and managed outsourcing services in areas such as sales and marketing, customer care, after-sales service, back-office operations, manufacturing operations, facilities, security management, HR & F&A operations, and IT & mobility services, and so on. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Bengaluru, we have a very strong geographic presence and scale with over 64 locations across India, Southeast Asia, and North America

  1. Given the scale of your operations and the vast workforce describe the challenges that you were facing with the legacy HR systems you were using?

We have a large and diverse workforce spread across 10 countries, serving over 3600 customers. Hence, it was obvious to have extensive and integrated HR processes that mandated the use of a strong platform. Furthermore, we have high M&A activities, and our growth is expected to double in the next 24 months. We were looking to scale up capabilities that were interlocked due to the complexity of multiple homegrown systems which catered to the end-to-end journey of our Core Employees. Thus, we wanted to improve performance and capitalize on internal and external synergies in our business operations and people by implementing a world-class HCM solution. Our legacy system did not allow for such flexibility and scalability and so we decided to opt for a best-in-class solution that would improve our people’s experiences. We want our people’s experience to be transformational rather than transactional.

  1. Why did you choose Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM)? Can you talk about the advantages of using Oracle HCM Cloud, and how has the solution transformed your employee processes?

The setbacks we were facing with our traditional HR system and the growing needs for our workforce prompted us to move to a holistic solution. Our aim was to implement a cloud-native solution built for enterprise, thereby eliminating the need to maintain integration or sync data between different platforms. Our global workforce too was on different HR systems. Oracle seemed like a perfect fit here considering their expertise and the rich and in-depth capabilities that they offer. Oracle HCM brought the complete employee journey to one place. Additionally, with a mobile-first user experience, we hope to achieve benefits like scalability, transparency, efficiency, smart abilities etc. Moreover, Oracle HCM offered great scope for personalised individual journeys through the digital assistant, helpdesk, and workflows.

As a highly data-driven organisation, it is essential we keep our employee data accurate, complete, and in one place.  Oracle HCM will act as the source of truth for our employee data globally and provide consolidated, real-time reports and dashboards for managers, HR, and our leadership. With this, we aim to improve evidence-based HR decisions by tracking, analysing, and benchmarking various HR metrics.  This would serve as a catalyst for the adoption of simple and global best processes and practices.


Moreover, our transition to the Oracle solution was smooth and streamlined. Oracle provided prompt support throughout the evaluation and implementation process thus helping our leaders and employees to implement and use the solution very conveniently.

  1. What are some of the digital transformation plans for Quess Corp for the future?

We are currently focusing on utilizing the full capabilities of our new implementation and leveraging the extensive benefits of a cloud-native HR solution. Furthermore, we intend to create a unified employee and alumni portal in the future, as well as integrate other Quess subsidiaries into the Oracle Cloud HCM platform. With this, we aim to systematically align all our subsidiaries and the entire workforce onto a single platform thus truly unlocking the ‘Power of One’ or an integrated platform for all our HR needs.

We are a people centric company, in the next 24 months, we aim to create a “Human Experience” for our people with Oracle HCM acting as the enabler. We want to empower our people to drive their individual experience that focuses on their psychological needs. Our people should be able to nurture their talent while we provide a supportive environment for it. We also want to establish a standard for global best practices. We are looking to enhance our talent management practices through increased internal job postings and referrals enabled through Oracle HCM.



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