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Five Technologies Changing The Healthcare Sector


Healthcare sector in India has seen a tremendous growth in the past years in terms of technological advancement and improved quality of services. With advancement in technology and improvement in medical processes, the experience of a patient right from the registration to the discharge formalities has changed completely. With rise in middle class population with high usage of internet, our nation needs a solid and affordable healthcare support to improve the quality of life. The coming together of technology and healthcare is a revolution in itself and this will result in a major breakthrough for our country.

Below are some of the latest technological innovations that are helping the healthcare sector:

1)   Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is slowly but steadily making its way towards contributing to the medical sector of our country. Scientists have developed Nanobots that are capable of unclogging arteries and preventing the cases of heart attacks. Researchers are in the process of developing nanoparticles that will be able to cure neurological disorders in a better way. Nanotechnology is an area that has a lot of scope for further providing neck-breaking technology in this field.

2)    Artificial Intelligence

It is no secret that humans as a species are the most intelligent and analytical on this planet. We are superior to any other organism when it comes to processing data in a logical and systematic matter. The only limitation we face is in terms of the amount of information we can process over a given amount of time. That is where the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be seen. Some of the applications of AI in healthcare are treatment design, virtual nurses, drug creation, health monitoring etc.

3)    Real Time Data

We are living in a world where every news and information comes to us ‘live’. In today’s day and age where everything is real time, many start-ups have come in the healthcare sector that are focusing on providing live status of your appointments on your phone, queue management for hospitals/clinics, urgent online bookings in case of emergencies, door to door delivery of medicines, medical reports on your phone straight from the lab etc. This has made a lot of people’s life easier than it used to be before. In addition to this, it also saves up a lot of time.

4)      Robotics

Advantage of having technology is that it makes our life much more efficient and easy. The entering of Robotics in healthcare sector is one of the most advance move that humans have initiated in terms of medicine. There are robotic surgeries these days that are performed without the presence of a physician. Robotic assistance is also there at some places where robots help in medical equipment and telehealth. They also help in monitoring procedures. Robots are also performing surgeries these days in delicate areas of our body such as human brain etc.

5)      Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in the healthcare sector have made significant developments in conditions such as autism, lazy eye, chronic pain etc. A lot of people associate virtual reality only with cinema but virtual reality has a lot more applications than that. Many labs use virtual reality to treat chronic pain. Virtual reality is also used for speedy recovery from fatal brain injuries. It also helps in medical education as a lot of institutes use it to give students live experience by streaming surgical operations etc. This revolutionary solution is safe and affordable at the same time.

Technology in India when it comes to healthcare is growing with a steady speed and we are sure to experience some technological marvels in the future.

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