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Tech Experts Share Their Views On Engineer’s Day

Tech Experts
The Engineers Day will be celebrated across India on September 15 (Saturday). Engineer’s Day is observed in several countries on different dates of the year. In India, it is celebrated on September 15 which is the birth anniversary of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya, who is considered as one of the greatest engineers India has produced. Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya Engineer’s Day is a significant occasion considering the fact that India produces close to 20 lakh engineers in a year. The year 2018 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Engineers Day in India.
This Engineer’s Day, techies stressed on skilling and reskilling to promote cooperation not competition
“On this Engineers’ Day, we pledge to make engineers intelligent designers with ideas instead of making them screwdrivers” says. Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director, Sales & Support at NetRack

With the advancement of technology, both the industry and the government is focusing and welcoming the fourth state of Industry revolution: Industry 4.0 which enables wide range of digital concepts especially in ESDM Industry in multiple ways by making engineers and the technology leaders more flexible to adapt and meet the new demands of the market easily. On this special occasion of Engineers day, we at NetRack would like to congratulate all engineers across the globe for bringing the wave of innovation and solution leading to faster sustainable and profitable future of India.

Every year, more than 20 lakhs engineering graduates passed out from their colleges but without having their practical or skillful experience to contribute to the industry as a whole. And, in this dynamic industry, the scenario is witnessing more in a magnified way and which needs specialized and skills to cater its requirements. The only solution is emphasizing on their skills and offering them specialized training from the operational level to even the engineers’ level.   We have also come across, very few colleges/ engineering schools have not stressed this issue so far.
On this special occasion, we as one the key Industry leader should take the pledge to not only focus to make them skillful but intelligent designers with new ideas. However, this in-turn helps in fulfilling make & create (in)n India initiative with innovation.    
However, we are thankful all the engineers for their highly valuable expertise and dedication and wish them all the very best for future endeavors!!
“Emphasizing more on hands-on training to expose engineers’ to the real world to make them job ready”, says Adam Paclt, CEO, IceWarp on this Engineers’ Day

It is the fact that science and technology are spine of any country to scale-up its growth development. Similarly, for any country’ economy, investment in skilling and reskilling the engineers’ is the necessity to enhance their knowledge both technical and vocational skills along with transferable and digital skills to make them job ready we have to train our young and aspiring engineers who are committed to drive development by adopting the best practices of Industry 4.0 to transform the industry. For this, the major area where we at IceWarp believes that the Industry and academia have to jointly take a step forward in building and filling the Industry-academia gap by incorporating skills based courses in their curriculum of engineering degree. 

On this Engineers’ Day, we pledge to help the young engineers to unleash their true potential and discover their true self by giving more emphasis on the principle of hands-on practical training exposing them to real-world situations and reasoning. 
Companies should also change their working culture by offering an apprenticeship programme which in turn will provide hands-on exposure to high value engineering skills in an industrial environment.   Moreover, Industry’s the mission must promote the cooperation, not competition by adopting the holistic approach to connect with a variety of personas and to become an agent of change.
“We salutes the spirit of all Indian Engineers, whose innovations have contributed to the world’s Digital Transformation journey across industries.” says Mr Krishna Raj Sharma, Director & CEO at iValue InfoSolutions

We at iValue have solution offerings which cater to the Digital transformation needs of the customers. It is important to skill the engineers and re-skill them time and again on the latest technologies, so that they are abreast and capable of giving better and optimum solutions in order to address a customer’s DX journey. We firmly believe in enabling our women employees on technology and we began this exercise by hiring campus recruits and ensured they travel through the complete training cycle of solution sales journey and are ready for facing customers and partners addressing Industry Revolution 4.0. across multiple continents. There is a paradigm shift in the way the business is done in the IT fraternity. Hence, it is of prime importance that the channel community ensures there is a constant innovation in GTM and technology adaption as it will play a major role in creating a differentiator in the market. iValue salutes the spirit of all Indian Engineers, whose innovations have contributed to the world’s Digital Transformation journey across industries.

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