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NIC Steps Up Its Efforts To Hire More Cyber Security Pros

Cyber Security

National Informatics Centre (NIC) will hire 800 people in the next one year, including more than 350 cybersecurity experts. NIC currently has 4,500 people across India in its various operations and will hire 800 professionals in the next one year, including 355 cybersecurity experts, to tackle rising risks of cybersecurity. There are 10,000 websites hosted by us for government/ state governments, so we need a stronger cyber security team,” a senior spokesperson of NIC, told media.

The other hiring is aimed for the 700 district centres of NIC which currently has only one employee for all the supervision purpose, there needs to at least one more for to contribute in this area. She mentioned that NIC is in charge of websites, that includes CBSE results, college entrance exams and counselling during admissions, and to make sure they all go without any interruption, the company is making sure its data centres work in continuity.

The NIC also opened its fourth data centre in Bhubaneswar earlier this week, after Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. The government has spent Rs 200 crore to set up this data centre, according to a statement.

The centre has a centralized cloud environment to host multiple applications with simplified operations, and increased application responsiveness to support the new generation of distributed applications, while accommodating existing virtualised and non-virtualised environments. The ICT Infrastructure at Bhubaneswar will be energised in the modular fashion with software defined ICT infrastructure, it said. This will facilitate provisioning of services over cloud with more agility and will also integrate with the NIC National Cloud Services.

The Bhubaneswar data center comes with perks  such as on-demand access to ICT infrastructure to ensure easy availability and quick deployment of applications; standardized platforms of deployment to deliver ICT systems that are compliant with government policies and enable easy sharing of data across applications; and a service-oriented approach for sharing ICT infrastructure to achieve economies of scale.

The new cloud-enabled National Data Centre aims to offer round-the-clock operations with secure hosting for various e-governance applications of Central and State Governments and has ability to support 35,000 virtual servers. Today there are NIC centres in 700 districts and they are the backbone of ‘Digital India, Prasad said.

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