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AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge: Announcing new dedicated infrastructure options

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At AWS, we’re committed to helping our customers meet digital sovereignty requirements. Last year, I announced the AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge, our commitment to offering all AWS customers the most advanced set of sovereignty controls and features available in the cloud. Our approach is to continue to make AWS sovereign-by-design—as it has been from day one.

I promised that our pledge was just the start, and that we would continue to innovate to meet the needs of our customers. As part of our promise, we pledged to invest in an ambitious roadmap of capabilities on data residency, granular access restriction, encryption, and resilience. Today, I’d like to update you on another milestone on our journey to continue to help our customers address their sovereignty needs.

Further control over the location of your data

Customers have always controlled the location of their data with AWS. For example, in Europe, customers have the choice to deploy their data into any of eight existing AWS Regions. These AWS Regions provide the broadest set of cloud services and features, enabling our customers to run the majority of their workloads. Customers can also use AWS Local Zones, a type of infrastructure deployment that makes AWS services available in more places, to help meet latency and data residency requirements, without having to deploy self-managed infrastructure. Customers who must comply with data residency regulations can choose to run their workloads in specific geographic locations where AWS Regions and Local Zones are available.

Announcing AWS Dedicated Local Zones

Our public sector and regulated industry customers have told us they want dedicated infrastructure for their most critical workloads to help meet regulatory or other compliance requirements. Many of these customers manage their own infrastructure on premises for workloads that require isolation. This forgoes the performance, innovation, elasticity, scalability, and resiliency benefits of the cloud.

To help our customers address these needs, I’m excited to announce AWS Dedicated Local Zones. Dedicated Local Zones are a type of AWS infrastructure that is fully managed by AWS, built for exclusive use by a customer or community, and placed in a customer-specified location or data center to help comply with regulatory requirements. Dedicated Local Zones can be operated by local AWS personnel and offer the same benefits of Local Zones, such as elasticity, scalability, and pay-as-you-go pricing, with added security and governance features. These features include data access monitoring and audit programs, controls to limit infrastructure access to customer-selected AWS accounts, and options to enforce security clearance or other criteria on local AWS operating personnel. With Dedicated Local Zones, we work with customers to configure their own Local Zones with the services and capabilities they need to meet their regulatory requirements.

AWS Dedicated Local Zones meet the same high AWS security standards that apply to AWS Regions and Local Zones. They also come with the same AWS Nitro System that powers all modern Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances to help ensure confidentiality and integrity of customer data. With Dedicated Local Zones, customers can use the multitenancy features of the cloud to efficiently enable adoption across multiple AWS accounts created by a customer’s community of agencies and business units, and reduce the operational overhead of managing on-premises infrastructure. Customers can deploy multiple Dedicated Local Zones for resiliency and simplify their applications’ architecture by using consistent AWS infrastructure, APIs, and tools across different classifications of applications running in AWS Regions and Dedicated Local Zones. AWS services, such as Amazon EC2Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and AWS Direct Connect, will be available in Dedicated Local Zones.

Innovating with the Singapore Government’s Smart Nation and Digital Government Group

At AWS, we work closely with customers to understand their requirements for their most critical workloads. Our work with the Singapore Government’s Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG) to build a Smart Nation for their citizens and businesses illustrates this approach. This group spearheads Singapore’s digital government transformation and development of the public sector’s engineering capabilities. SNDGG is the first customer to deploy Dedicated Local Zones.

“AWS is a strategic partner and has been since the beginning of our cloud journey. SNDGG collaborated with AWS to define and build Dedicated Local Zones to help us meet our stringent data isolation and security requirements, enabling Singapore to run more sensitive workloads in the cloud securely,” said Chan Cheow Hoe, Government Chief Digital Technology Officer of Singapore. “In addition to helping the Singapore government meet its cybersecurity requirements, the Dedicated Local Zones enable us to offer its agencies a seamless and consistent cloud experience.”

Our commitments to our customers

We remain committed to helping our customers meet evolving sovereignty requirements. We continue to innovate sovereignty features, controls, and assurances globally with AWS, without compromising on the full power of AWS.

To get started, you can visit the Dedicated Local Zones website, where you can contact AWS specialists to learn more about how Dedicated Local Zones can be configured to meet your regulatory needs.

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